Samsung One UI 5.1: 3 BIG Updates Coming For Galaxy Smartphones (S23 Ultra, S22 Ultra, etc)

Samsung One UI 5.1: 3 BIG Updates Coming For Galaxy Smartphones (S23 Ultra, S22 Ultra, etc)

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  1. I dont do much customization on my phone and I want a phone that is still smooth over a period of time. Should I go with iphone? Based on my past experience with samsung stutter happens quite often

  2. This is a Samsung thing that needs to be done I love it Samsung please do this Samsung can perfect this and there's nothing like that out there I never seen it at least

  3. Honestly most excited about the conceptualized AOD feature. I've also wondered if that would be a great idea 3 major updates ago when I had One UI 2.0 and realized all the possibilities, as well as the fact that there were features that Samsung added, which were suggested by users. It would be great to use apps such as Google Maps, but be rest assured that if your phone flew out of your stand in your car, there was the slimmest chance of touching the screen and exiting an app when you would go to grab your phone. Love this video! It's great to have someone that makes simple videos about features and not have to do the research ourselves.

  4. I wouldn't call any of these big updates, the only ones that really matter are the battery widgets and that Bixby call feature would be amazing! What we need though is the lite performance profile from the fold series! Now that would be huge!

  5. Haven't had a Samsung ever since the S7, which I ditched about 4-5 years ago.
    How bad is it with the pre-installed software? Is it more or less than back in the days?

  6. I want them to add the iOS and pixel feature for the lock screen. So that your notifications stay hidden until your face is detected then it shows the content without having to open the phone

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