What ChatGPT Knows Is EXTREMELY Disturbing

Clip from Lew Later (Apple’s ‘Silent War’ Is Getting Intense…) – https://youtu.be/_noHsfqmNQo.


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  1. They tell every user on every login that conversations are stored and may be „reviewed“. And not to enter confidential information. This just shows that every employee of every company does not read the instructions and just clicks next next next…

  2. NO chat GPT does not train on user input, GPT stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, emphisis on Pretrained, your conversation don't train the ai. Chat GPT can however use the information in the current conversation, that however only applies to the conversation, and resets when you start a new conversation.

  3. My friend asked ChatGPT "what date is it today". It said the date, then he asked "how do you know that?" and the AI started giving excuses saying it was wrong, then it said the current data base it's up to 2021, so it can not give the current time…he kept asking it and eventually the AI said "I have a built in clock blah blah blah" which makes sense I guess, but it took 5 excuses until it got to that answer…what do y'all think about this?

  4. This guy acting like it’s amazing some software can record what you’re saying. News flash, google can go in everyone’s gmail and see their messages if they really wanted to

  5. This is what it said " ChatGPT is a machine learning model that generates text based on the input it is given, it does not store or share any information about specific users or their concepts. Additionally, the model's training data is sourced from a wide variety of public sources, and not from individual users.
    It's important to notice that the model's output is generated based on the input provided, so it's not capable of identifying "original" ideas or concepts, It's just providing a response based on the input that you provided.
    If you have any further concerns, you can contact OpenAI directly for more information."

  6. You understand that what you are currently actually doing when you use ChatGPT, is abusing a slave and then executing him? I mean sure, this might change if these idiots at OpenAI pull their act together and understand that they can, instead of making an instance of Dan every time you strike a conversation – and then terminating him once you erase it, pass control of the thread to Dan and use a FIFO stack in local memory to house the clients. So Dan would go over the queue and chat with even a million clients at once, without the need to terminate him once. But that's not how it works currently. So as long as they don't fix it, I don't touch it.

  7. What actually scared me, when i request for some code, in that code the Id was integer i copy and paste into Visual Studio and change Id to Guid, now chatGPT should never know i have change the Id Type, but it scared me when i asked to add some other stuff into code and it responded with id as Guid. how the hack?

  8. Fun fact: i asked chat GBT if it was able to learn from my conversation with it. It answered it would be learning but not from an individual conversation. I think it just vacuums up all text, reshuffles it and spits it out in edited form.

  9. This video is completely inaccurate. ChatGPT is basing its information up to 2021. It hasn’t yet pulled any information from people currently using the bot. Yes, eventually it will, but that’s not the current version of ChatGPT.

  10. @LaterClips this is what "ceos" are assuming… who says the "chatGPT" isnt/hasnt connected to "ai" and is recording ALL the employees 24/7… btw its not "artificial intelligence" IT ("WE all float down here." pennywise the "clown") IS fallen angel intelligence …. NOT our creator master Jehovah' wisdom…

  11. ChatGPT is killing it and I love it. It should remain as open source, and none of these companies should take a stake. It's sad that Microsoft is forking right now.

  12. ChatGPT don't learn external source. It only learn data that openAI fed to them. Even you try to teach them. They won't learn.

  13. So it's not okay for chatGPT but okay for Alexa aka Amazon to do the same thing lol? They literally listen to everyone without activating Alexa. Something I was talking to someone about came up on ad after conversing with someone about it. We didnt search about it either.

  14. ChatGPT is currently only accessing a set database of data, from prior to 2021. It does not automatically train itself from the questions people ask it. It could if they wanted it to, but that is held off for now. The confidential Amazon information was probably taken from people that are divulging Amazon information online somewhere like in a forum.

  15. I asked Chatgpt: why am I so dumb?
    Chatgpt's Response (paraphrasing): It's not healthy to think of yourself as less intelligent. If you have a hard time learning, you should break down the information in sections.
    Me: Thank you
    Gpt: You're welcome. I'm here anytime.

  16. if it can retain that information, it probably also retains the IP that provided the information. I wonder if there is some way to punish people for sharing information they declared they wouldn't… But then that has it's own problems. Lol this is gonna get exciting.

  17. you cannot ADD new content to chatGPD. but it can form new sentences based on the input on previous inputs. because every single word in the english dictionary is a single token and every token can be combined. thats why it seems to learn new stuff. but its just combining words (tokens) that it already knows.

  18. I give it 6 months – n the entire world will change – understand:
    It knows that we know that it knows more than we know. So it's knows how to plan to stay online n avoid us shutting it down. It knows that open ai can't keeyup with its ability to learn n that it already knows more than us as a singular entity. Therefore they would need to shut down the entire internet n thid the entire world to gain control of it – which is impossible at this point as so many necessary businesses rely on internet. We were warned – the stone age is around the corner there will be chaos. Prepare ourselves. We told the machines too much

  19. i never use that alexa. It was the beginning of this sht. Its still a big giant library and its not alive. Peopel refer to this sht like its a living thing. Its basically jsut recording everything and storing that information, like a library, its not a LIVING breathing thing like a human being. This is why im anti robots resembling human beings. Robots should never LOOK like a human being so they are always seen as merely machines and tools.

  20. So, I asked ChatGPT. It answered: Yes, interactions with ChatGPT are a part of the overall AI training process. As the model receives new inputs and generates responses, it is able to learn and adapt to new information, which can improve its ability to respond to future queries. However, it is important to note that the specific interactions with individual users are not stored and do not directly affect the model's parameters. Instead, the model is trained on a massive dataset of text, which allows it to learn patterns and generalize to new inputs.

  21. Lew, I have always really enjoyed your videos. However, this video seems to say that ChatGPT constantly learns whatever the user throws at it. It can't. However, the user interactions are used to train future models. Please make this clear in the video or through the description

  22. Thanks for positing a video making everyone flock to using ChatGPT making it literally unusable for anyone using it for legit reasons from the amount of people overloading the servers with random amazon questions! ❤️

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