Hogwarts Legacy – 9 Magical New Details

Hogwarts Legacy - 9 Magical New Details

Hogwarts Legacy promises us the opportunity to return to the Wizarding World and explore the iconic school during a previously …


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  1. Truly magical new details or just the same news. IGN needs to start laying off some people, if anyone needs it, it's IGN truly.

  2. imagine a quidditch DLC where you fight several rivals in quidditch in a short side campaign/questline. perhaps they organize some sort of quidditch tournament, where you must bring your team to victory? at the start you would choose which role you want to play as, then you would have to play that one role for the rest of the campaign. then you can play it again as a minigame whenever you want.

  3. Be so easy to do a batman style magic system…elements on dpad…random anime and effects based on heavy or light attack…would look more movie like aswell…instead of canned…

  4. No House Cup or Quidditch?? Idk how u can make Hogwarts game and only have them be a cosmetic especially when the game is supposed to be long af.

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