Our Own Thoughts on Forspoken

Our Own Thoughts on Forspoken

In this clip from our full episode, Jada and Akeem share their own opinions on Forspoken. Is it everything it should have been, …


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  1. Wait… Is he really complaining that she has magic? 😂 At this point he is looking for reasons to bash the game for whatever reason… My guess is he will love Harry Potter even though it will be magic being used for combat

  2. Why do people feel the need to make their characters so mean and rude without reason? Why's she so insufferable? She's nearly as annoying as Velma.

  3. Forspoken kinda represents everything wrong in western open-world video games today. Unlikeable and annoying main character that won't shut up, control regularly taken away from you so that the characters can yak about stuff you don't care about or force you to look at the thing you already saw, a largely empty open world, and side objectives that feel like checklists to fill out than actual fun things to do. Elden Ring proved that an Open World can be done right. Forspoken shows how to do it wrong.

  4. 12:50 What are you on about? SQEX has not done a main line turn based rpg in 20+ years. They abandoned that like a radioactive potato once they forced Sakaguchi out of the company.

    SQEX's problem is that they are BAD at action rpgs and are too arrogant to learn from mistakes.

  5. Square Enix have been spitting out duds left and right, people are only pretending this one’s different because there’s some checked boxes for the “free from criticism” crowd

  6. I’m having a blast with the game, that’s why you don’t always just listen to reviewers. Is it the best game I e ever played? No. But I’m really enjoying the open world and combat. It just takes a minute to get used to.

  7. It was Christmas and Frey doesn't have no family. The Judge felt bad. Judges do go soft on criminals if they know their history or see them multiple times 🤷🏾‍♂️

  8. They forgot to mention Frey was up for grand larceny, was assigned community service by a sympathetic black judge and that she goes home to the big bag of cash she stole.

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