Dope Tech: The $3500 Bluetooth Speaker!

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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. so sick bro love your videos but one problem: IT SAYS PHANROM NOT PHANTOM
    But other than that, it's just me looking at them and thinking about how broke I am

  2. My LG XBoom GO for $69 does everything this does except dual pairing. Only a little less cabinet space for the bass but still pushes out magnificent sound and bass for the price.

    Garbage deal. Undope tech.

  3. That speaker is nowhere near 900 Watts. 90 Watts is probably more than it is.

    Does it have a power supply? What does it say?

    I have a samsung 5.1 surroud set which claims to be 1000Watt. In reality it takes about 300 Watt from the wall, so it's 300 Watt max (yes, I know, voltage/current, but power is the product of the both, you CANNOT make 1000 Watt of music from 300 Watt uptake.

    What samsung did is they addd al max pmpo output of every speaker and thus came to 1000 Watt. PMPO is the maximum power a speaker can run for a certain length of time, without breaking.

    If you believe that small ball is capable of producing 900 Watts of sound, then you'r an indiot. Sorry.

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