Hi-Fi Rush – Developer Gameplay Overview | Xbox & Bethesda Dev Direct 2023

Hi-Fi Rush - Developer Gameplay Overview  | Xbox & Bethesda Dev Direct 2023

Get a guided look at the combat system of Hi-Fi Rush, the latest from Tango Gameworks. Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm action game …


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  1. So an anime happy version of Metal: Hellsinger with more of a story, melee instead of shooting, and probably some other things.

  2. Sad that innovative game like this in a few years will gets a f2p predatory gacha gensh*t impactish mobile game copying its mechanic and artstyle

  3. recently play Metal: Hellsinger, that game was a doomesque game, this … this is a blend of sunset overdrive, anime, and punk-rock. shut up and take my money game pass!

  4. Please take some time and give this a go. Lots of fun, and one review said it like a Dreamcast era game, and really easy compare to most rhythm games but I'm playing on normal for now.

  5. It actually looks stylish
    The new mechanism they've come up with is so cool
    Gonna give it a try
    But still it's shocking to see this from Tango and Shingi Mikami

  6. Litterally a godsend of a game. It's scratches my Action game itch, it keeps me in the zone with the music coming together as a core part of the gameplay, the story thus far is pretty fun and the referential humor isn't jarring. Highly recommend.

  7. Been playing it…its great! Its has an awesome retro game feel, like you are playing a “next gen” ps2 game, its relatively simple, fun, and the cinematic look is like jet set meets into the spider-verse, boss battles have their own legendary tracks and feels like a cool anime. All in all a breath of fresh air, game is just fun.

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