Samsung Doubles Down On The Galaxy S23 Ultra

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  1. they cant justify the cost… cos we know the Bom cost is half, and thus they could sell this for $950, but they dont, just cos they know, "we" morons buy them regardless…

  2. The real Question is how precious are your memories you will capture with your phone not the cost s23 ultra or the ip pro max take my money

  3. That's $1700 CAD, lol. Good luck selling that shiz. Apple is going to eat their lunch for them and then let them clean up the crumbs.

  4. Pixel 8/ 8 Pro will be a bigger upgrade later this year. It will utilize Staggered HDR processing for images, which mean a new 50MP sensor. G3 will also include an AI processor along side the TPU on a 3nm process.

  5. Trying to defense a non defensible price. At high inflation, slow economic outlook, instability in EU, & the war (thanks to USA), there are good competition around, name a few, vivo, Xiaomi, Google all are as capable to Samsung minus the pen. Just my sense,why pay more.

  6. I know people are going to come after me hard on this. But I wish the price was double that. Simply because it makes it that much more of a unattainable item!

  7. Price doesn’t matter as much because people who buy Samsungs are not apples competition. Apple doesn’t have competition. 🤷🏾‍♂️! You’re either Apple or Samsung it’s almost 2 different things.

  8. SMH 🙄 I used to be a Samsung fanboy until Google made flagship Pixel level phones now. I'm sorry but no damn phone 📱 should cost over $1000. That's complete BS ! I can somewhat understand foldable phones but not the standard phone. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  9. Actually, the price of the S23 series looks to be increasing in price slightly in most countries globally except for the United States. Just like how the PS5 went up in price globally except for the United States. And if you're wondering why the prices don't increase in the U.S. then allow me to tell you exactly why….. Cause Merica! 😎

  10. Sure, 1250 at launch, but after a month it's already gonna be cheaper and if you buy it with a carrier you can get it even cheaper, I bought my s22 ultra basically at launch with a carrier for 1080 euros

  11. Bring back a headphone jack, high quality DAC, 4K screen, 5,500 milliamp battery, IR blaster, and a maid…. Then that price will be justified. Until then, I’ll keep the S22 ultra for the next several years. 😂

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