Dead Space Remake Performance Review PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Steam Deck vs PC

Dead Space Remake Performance Review PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Steam Deck vs PC

Dead Space remake has landed on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC and even the Steam Deck! With the Dead Space remake embargo …


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  1. PS5 version is actually quite a bit better than the Series X version. Both visually as well as how it performs. It has better lighting, higher frame rates, better shading, and better colors on the PS5. This is why reviewers scored it higher.

  2. Definitely looks and plays best on the PS5, which is why the PS5 version has the highest Metacritic score and user reception, but the Series X isn't too far off.

  3. Remaster = same game with added graphical improvements, gameplay tweaks. Remake = the game is completely remade from scratch with new technology to bring the concept to a modern standard. Reboot = a fresh start on an existing franchise. IGN this has never been complicated to understand.

  4. What annoys the hell out of people are the ones that go "It's smooth for me!" yet they are actually getting consistent stutter. There is not a single person that doesn't stutter on the PC version of Dead Space Remake, just like there was not a single person that didn't stutter on PC with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yet there are hundreds of them with their oblivious eyes, speaking with their chest how it runs smooth as butter! Perhaps Dead Space will get a patch that actually does fix the stuttering, but until then it is impossible to not stutter.

  5. It's taking the 'moody lighting' from Doom 3. How original. The origial still looks great. This just highlights the plateau we are reaching with computer graphic improvements.

  6. Massive problem was Issacs huge body blocking your vision, and 60% fov. Remake is the same garbage all over again wtf? It should be a first person event.

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