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  1. Cute – you are thinking quality is the biggest concern of AAA releases. It's MONEY! Just look how the menues are structured nowadays: buying cosmetics and other crap is easier than actually getting into a game!

  2. But IGN YOUR audience LOVES to HATE. You ever look in any of the comments, especially of livestreams of lesser known games? The shitposts are legendary. So, you'd probably get more traffic by crapping on games, because that's what your audience is craving!

  3. my problem is when they draaaaag a game though the mud…. then give it a 7?? I'm sure some of that maybe financial pressure if they were a sponsor.

  4. It's because IGN is afraid to actually score games according to their quality for fear of losing an amount of access (which is what their company really trades on instead of journalistic integrity). Dot.End.Period.

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