Apple HomePod 2 Review: I'm Confused

The second generation HomePod is really good. And really bad. That shirt: Reviews podcast clips rant: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I think its for that small sub group of people looking for an easy dolby atmos solution with minimal wires. IYKYK Also, just Apple people. Got the mini and google nest at an auction. The google nest audio is a way better smart speaker but the mini has great sound for size and the sensors works great for my office.

  2. If it would rock Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, ChatGPT, my own private home network only Free and Open Source Assistant; with on-device voice detection engine without making any web request to any of the assistants unless explicitly; Siri everything offline too, no online voice safuing, and some more features; certainly not Apple locked, and USB-C, and for 100€, then I would consider buying it.

  3. The HomePod Minis were one of the worst tech purchases I have ever made. They were buggy, failed to connect, failed to sync, and some reason had to be manually paired every time I turned on my Apple TV. Biggest Apple Flop ever. I'll stick to literally any other audio focused company for my audio tech from now on.

  4. Marques, I am watching this on my iPad and Siri would like you to know that it is 55º right now. She’s brought it up twice thus far. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a youtube video trigger her before.

  5. It's hard to see Apple compete with Sonos in this medium sized home smart speaker space. Sonos has Homepod sized speakers in the One, and then larger studio speakers in the Five, 2 different wireless speakers, 3 soundbars, 2 subwoofers, significantly better Dolby Atmos, and compatibility with Google and Alexa. Sonos took everything we knew about typical home theater and home audio, and make it all "smart", and just blows everything else out of the water. The only space Sonos doesn't have a presence in is that sub $100 smart speaker that sell like hotcakes, and I don't expect them to make an attempt to compete there either.

  6. It's clear that Apple is only bringing this design back to get rid of the premade bodies of the old HomePod. like their iPhone SE line which continues to use the iPhone 8 bodies.

  7. I think maybe it maintains their image.. even if it does not sell well, Apple cannot release a cheap product without releasing a premium version of the same product or else they kind of erode their own brand image. It is the product that will sit on the Apple Store table that some people will look at admiringly while buying the cheaper one but in an odd way it gives the consumer something to aspire to. It is comforting to them to know it is out there… it is like how Mercedes produces the S class and prices it based on their view of its position rather than its best potential sales volume… majority buyers of the C and E-classes may never buy it but it lends to the brand image that they think they are buying a product of the same lineage as the class-ultimate version of their same product.

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