How The Last of Us Episode 3 is Adaptation at its Finest

How The Last of Us Episode 3 is Adaptation at its Finest

The HBO’s The Last of Us stuck pretty close to its video game roots for the first two episodes, but the third makes some pretty major …


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  1. The how to, to destroying an info warrior with immorality. You can't take 20 years of preppin away with an awkward chance incounter.

  2. No way totally wierd. It was excessive and could have went better if it was just a couple scenes with more of the lead characters

  3. LMAO. Looks like the vid got raided by some homophobic group. Where you all from anyway? Right-wing group? Proud Boys? Maybe you have a religious affiliation? You're all the same anyway.

  4. The low points of TLoU or any show is the encouragement of perverse behavior. But sadly it’s only getting worse as time goes on.

  5. Definitely not ADAPTATION at its finest since it diverts pretty strongly from the game. But don’t get me wrong, this episode was phenomenal

  6. Nope.. did not like this completely different series named the woke of us. Will be looking forward to tuning into the last of us next week after a week’s break…

  7. Disagree

    The back story of Frank and bill added nothing to the plot

    If Frank was a Francine and this was about a straight couple, nobody would care, and everyone would be asking what the point was

  8. How do you get offended by a fictional story. We did lost amazing action scenes, but what we got was depth from Bill and Frank, something we could overlook easily in the game (maybe why so many people were surprised) Idk maybe people only want to see things go pow pow and boom boom

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