Samsung Takes A turn… iPhone S23

Clip from Lew Later (Samsung Just Revealed The Future Of Foldable Smartphones) –


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  1. A Samsung fun ,and Am simply hoping the battery is much better on 6.1 inch s23 ,bring back s10 series screen resolution, night photography improved..ill be home and dry..

  2. Personally I think the s22 ultra is the best looking phone on the market but I use an iPhone. The software is what makes me use an iPhone not its looks. If I could run iOS on a galaxy s22 ultra I would love it. For example , visual voicemail works right out of the box on iPhone and is right there inside the phone app and on Samsung I always have to jump through hoops to get it to work. I personally think Samsung needs to have more confidence in their own apps and make them work instead of having to use Google apps.

  3. The phones are getting very similar, but I think that has more to do with tech evolution than ripping each other off. Samsung has been at the forefront on too many innovations to be considered an iPhone rip. At some point though, after all the research and development, after all of the "Well what if we try this idea", you're eventually going to come to a similar conclusion as to what works best. Samsung still has the fold line which Apple hasn't touched yet. But we'll see.

  4. Come on Lew you are better than this. I have a green S22 that came out before the iPhone. Heck there was even a green S6. And from the side how different are phones meant to look? Phones could not be anymore different from the front and back so where is the copying? Should we be saying Apple copied the S10+ pill shape camera

  5. Why are these guys acting like Samsung doesn't have folding phones for sale? 😂 That's probably why their basic looking phones have fallen into a generic look. Where was this conversation when phones only came in black and white? 🤣🤣

  6. I love that everyone takes apples design the notch soon the dynamic island. But my thing I don’t get with phone companies is get rid of android and partner with apple. Use their operating system it’s better android is a form of windows it’s not complete

  7. Apple has spent years not taking massive risks because they don't have to. They care about the continued growth of their bottom line than about going out of their way to excite people. And quite frankly, even the most drastic innovations in smartphonea today don't have a drastic impact on the average person's use case. We're well within the plateau and that's ok

  8. Curved screens are something Samsung pioneered, it's very interesting that they're now getting rid of them. This shows that they want to attract the iPhone user base!

  9. I'm sorry, but who had a huge phone first and apple said they'd never have a big phone? Apple is infamous for borrowing ideas from other companies and in some cases, improving on it.

  10. It also works the other way around. Remember the first Note? People making fun of its size? Guess what, every phone maker has a big phone now. Same for OLED screens, flipping phones (Apple will join, too, I hsv4 no doubts) etc.

  11. What If Apple and Samsung created a phone together. iPhone already uses Samsung displays and internal chips. While Samsung and Apple loves copying ideas from each other. If we cannot defeat each other, will just have to join forces.

    Introducing iGalaxy Pro Max Ultra,
    the first phone on earth to run both iOS and Android. The best of both world now seamlessly integrated into one device. With capabilities never before possible. Here at Apple we decided to unite with our friend enemy Samsung as business partners to create the powerful, most advanced smartphone the world has ever seen to completely wipe out all competition from other manufacturers, especially in China. Order your phone today for the low cost of one human arm, leg, and a kidney too.

  12. old news. the shape of the S22 was a 6.1" device that was so close to the size of my 13 Pro that I had to look and see which phone I was holding. They looked like twins (minus camera bumps) last year.

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