The Last of Us Episode 3: TV Show vs Game Comparison

The Last of Us Episode 3: TV Show vs Game Comparison

Watch our The Last of Us Episode 3 show vs game comparison video! HBO’s TLOU Episode 3 is here, and like TLOU Premiere …


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  1. Pretty heartbreaking episode but the letter hit part hit me hard considering that the original actress for Tess in Video Game just recently passed away…

  2. It was a well acted episode but ultimately felt like a filler epsiode, which slowed the momentum of the story. Hopefully, the next episode doesn't deviate to such a degree & the main narrative can continue.

  3. This show is not the last of us at all. All these ridiculous comments come from non-fans. They are pushing the new age crap and destroying the actual game story we love.

  4. После этой серии так и хотелось орать – это блин the last of us – Постапокалипсис , а не ванильная херь . Ну в какое время живём , то и получаем , а получили сопливую историю 2-х геев , класс , супер , блюем всем адекватным миром .

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