Top 10 BEST VR Games You Probably Don't Know (2023)

Top 10 BEST VR Games You Probably Don't Know (2023)

Download Opera GX for free: Here is my annual “Best of VR” video. Every year I have been taking …


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  1. Download Opera GX for free: Thanks for sponsoring this video!

    Also my bad! RUMBLE is not out on Quest yet! Adjusted title to reflect.
    I almost Guarantee you will find a new VR game you'll love here in this video. Have you played any of these games? Going to pick up any new ones?

  2. Into the radius is so amazing. STALKER in vr, while still being it’s own thing and unique. If he didn’t convince you, just try it. Time will fly by

  3. OMFG YES C&C Renegade! I loved that game! Was like a command and conquer battlefield game. I thought I was the only one who played it lol.

  4. half life alyx is for me the best game i've ever played and half life 2 VR mod is still a fucking gold mine this is for me the best games on vr

  5. "this time no one's going to get left out on this top 10! Well except psvr" proceeds to leave out non pcvr quest 2s with the very first game. WHOOO! Feeling super included guys!

  6. The title does not match the content. "Top 10 best of all time" is the title, but then the content is "10 less known games I would recommend". Would love to see a "top 10 best vr games of all time" from you.

  7. I personally think of "Into the Radius" as a survival horror game, just due to how good the atmosphere is.
    It's not the cheap horror that most people think of now, it's the kind that keeps you on edge, and if you ever start to relax, it will be sure to give you a bit of a scare to put you right back!

    I'm honestly extremely glad to see it on this list, cause it's definitely in my top 5 favorite VR games!

    One of the main mechanics that sets it apart from other games, is that the environment resets at certain intervals.
    This allows you to memorize where certain items are, and return to them at every reset. However, safe houses (which are marked on your map) don't get reset, allowing you to safely store items there for later.

  8. I mean, you can try out our game~ πŸ‘€ BlackForge – a Procedural weapon smith "simulator"
    (Super early but we just got a new demo out on disc / Side quest)

  9. I've got a Rift S but i'm not using it that much lately.
    I would like to upgrade to a Quest 2 for the flexibility of choice, if standalone or PC.
    Does it make sense at this point in time or better to wait?

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