Hi-Fi Rush Review

Hi-Fi Rush Review

Hi-Fi Rush reviewed by Michael Higham on PC, also available on Xbox Series X|S. The latest action game from The Evil Within …


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  1. A great surprise, a great game. This is one of the GOTY already!
    0 Marketing, tons of details, awesome characters, near to perfect gameplay… It remind me of what the VG industry used to be.
    This is the right direction, XBox!

  2. As usual, IGN puts someone who doesn't recognise a gem when they play one. This is no doubt 10/10. But again IGN is just a channel who reviews games and none of them actually a gamer considering their broken ratings.

  3. They need to create a musical video game where you need to sing to progress. Can’t believe with karaoke being so big in Japan they didn’t come out with such idea. A coop game with a karaoke gameplay loop would be an absolut blast with friends 🤣

  4. This game should have got a 10 masterpiece rating because It's a $30 game and you don't need to spend $30 to play this game it's on the subscription services. PlayStation games $70 no multiplayer no replay value those games do not deserve Perfect 10 ratings no other way to play PlayStation then to spend $70 to play the game

  5. Those who played this game , We all know this is a 20/10. No bugs, no crap, no nonsense, great humor, Awesome music and fluid and satisfying combat and on Gamepass. What more can we want?

  6. The graphic style reminds me of Borderlands and the game play somewhat reminds me of Kick-Flight , one of the best mobile game ever.

  7. Been playing the game daily since it launched, and am currently focused on replaying story missions and doing the rhythm tower. The thing that still blows my mind is how impressive the in-engine cutscenes are. It's genuinely looks like you're watching a (very exceptional) hand-animated show. There are also a small number of actual hand-animated cutscenes, and honestly, the in-game stuff looks much better.

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