Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra UNBOXING – Competitors Take NOTE!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Cream, Unboxing, First Look and Impressions. ▻BUY Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra …


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  1. Okay but I'm so freaking excited for this!! I have a note20 ultra and I'm so excited for all the updates. I pre-ordered the lavender color. I've been wanting them to make a lavender color for years!!

  2. If you already have the S22 Ultra, the final analogy is…..the S23 Ultra is a moderate upgrade, but a very unimaginative, uncreative, uninspiring….'upgrade' and redesign.🙄
    Especially since, right now, Samsung is only offering a $500 trade-in credit for my 9 month-old S22 Ultra that I paid them $1,200 for.
    I'm sorry, but Homie don't play dat.😠

  3. Why does not one of these reviewers talk about the CHIN? S22 s23 and plus both have a uniform bezel. I am ocd and sick and tired of buying the pro max range every time i upgrade

  4. I always follow note series..every year..then last april 2022 i bought s22u..then i changed to z fold 4 in november keep.thinking do i wanna buy s23u?hmmm…feel like too much of waste of money..both i bought was the top 2 samsung flagship

  5. Watching this on both my S20 & S22 Ultra's.
    I have 👎 no need to upgrade.
    No big time anything except a newer camera & newer chip.
    Big deal. Trade in values sucks this year too.

  6. I use that selfie Camera Allot! I use it for all my Guitar Videos and Product reviews so I can see that I'm framed in the shot right. I'm really interested in seeing how it compares to the 40mp one from last year's phone.

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