13 Smartphone Photography tips & tricks

13 Smartphone Photography tips & tricks

00:00 – The philosophy of phone photography 04:33 – The work of Kathy Ryan 07:47 – 13 tips for better photos 16:17 – Conclusion …


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  1. Be great if you showed us where the controls are on the iPhone! I have had one for years and didn't know it wasn't only point and shoot! Can you do a simple Intro??

  2. I don't know if it because I have a different phone but my phone already has the manual mode and it's actually better than the one on light room… do not all phones have this ?

  3. I switch easily between phone and my camera and those looking at my photo books would struggle to pick the camera used .

    It is the predictability of the unpredictable that makes them phone camera a hit every time .

    Back in my film days it was often the small compact that brought home the goods because it was easy to carry and if noticed you were not perceived as professional.

    There are limitations , but I use those to complement my shooting opportunities . The main advantage is a 28mm 1.8 that helps leave the zoom at home and allows a single or a pair of fast primes for my walkabout shots and the other for portraits or close ups .

    Children are the most difficult to shoot . There will be moments when they don’t want you to shoot them , so being able to grab those images without drawing attention to myself has produced some truly memorable images .

    A large part of my success with children is using my street and portrait skills . I also enjoy nature and buildings and that works for travel trips . However , the images of the office compliment the series I produced on coffee houses. Since I love coffee and some sites are just so magical to highlight the magic of those places .

    The key is an image that draws attention to itself and tells us a story . Do that and you can ignore the gear and keep it simple .

    Thank you so much for producing this video . Invaluable !

  4. These video essays are so good that I would not be disappointed if I met you in person and you were really boring! But seriously… thanks for this. There's a guy called Sean Tucker who I really enjoy also. Maybe you will also.

  5. This is identical to only using one lens. A short lens. And the only one lens exercise fares better as a learning experiment over only one lens that may be a telephoto because of needing to move to get closer.

  6. I agree with everything you said. I practice street photography just by the use of my smartphone – OPPO Reno 3. It's capable, very simple to use, and although I cannot change settings such as apperture, iso, shutter speed, and no lens I can interchange with it, the best practice it gives me is the creativity to compose a photo. Plus, it taught me to lessen my excuses and give me a chance to explore photography even by just the use of a smartphone.

    Love your video! 👏🏽

  7. When someone sees one of my photos and asks "Great photo, what kind of camera did you use?" I reply "I think it's the Indian not the arrow that makes the difference."

  8. Great video! One more tip (or a variation of "Take your time"): don´t take 30 (bad) shots of the same thing. Take a few great ones. This is a problem of the digital age, not just for phones, but I think it´s important not to take 100 pictures of something just because it´s "easy".

  9. Great tips and logical explanation.I think phone now enter a new turning point,several phone already has a 1 inch sensor or even slightly bigger than 1 inch, they are essentially rx 100 comoact camera level inmage quility,Phone photos are no longer bad.

  10. Excellent video sir. I do enjoy using my phone camera as it is the camera I always have with me and am even quite happy with some of the photos. Do you have any suggestions for those occasions when we may need to zoom in during cropping or editing. That is when it seems these camera images fall apart. I do understand of course, when you said in the video that these are good for in close shots but, sometimes we aren't that close. Thanks and cheers!

  11. its my second video to watch but u are really good in the intros and that doesn't let me feel its an intro , im not a kind of a guy to easily get attracted to videos but u made it on me applause .

  12. This is the best video I've seen on this subject. Was also clueless i could use LR to shoot raw when out only with my phone. Thanks!!

  13. An extended re-statement of the famous reply to a question about how to take good photos: "F/8 and be there". The "being there", both physically and mentally, is key.

  14. I didn't think I was actually interested in this topic, but you had me hooked by the 1 minute mark. I appreciate all the thought you put into your talking points and I absolutely love all the text-based animations and graphics you've incorporated. It truly takes this video to the next level of engagement. Needless to say, I went from thinking I wasn't interested, to actually wanting to use my crappy phone camera to shoot more. Now, how'd you do that? 🙂 Also, thanks for the introduction to Kathy Ryan's work!

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