The Samsung S23 Ultra is secretly INCREDIBLE

The Samsung S23 Ultra is secretly INCREDIBLE

My Hands on Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – including Camera Testing, Battery – Also I managed to get us a …


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  1. All phones now have reached there capability and there's not much difference with a phone a few years ago to now so most people with any sense are not buying new phones until there's more technology 😀 🙄

  2. @MrWhoseTheBoss I just wanted to let you know that your next video will be ur 1,500th video. Hope it’s an amazing one!
    , StrotZo.

  3. I simply love your videos and explaination of different things. I can imagine the thought process and hardwork going into each of your videos to deep granularity. Thankyou and Gratitude.

  4. Who cares what it looks like? It's a goddamn phone and I'd prefer they rip out the useless selfie camera. And I've never ever got close to using a quarter of the storage at the minimum size. I use it as a phone and text and nothing else and one camera is plenty.

  5. The Beast about this phone is the 8K videos no doubt … 👌 which is hardly matched even with the Promx .. you literally can use this phone for any high end audio visual production .. surprisingly surpassing the Promax 14 by miles …

  6. the megapixel explanation is marketing bull-crap! larger sensors = better photos as more light! Or a better sensor technology such as BIS, so more light can be absorbed. In the end, more light = better photos (also possible through better stabilization but only for still subjects!

  7. BEWARE Samsung owners or want to buy new ones, Samsung phones DO NOT have aptx higher end codecs, ONLY old 16 bits aptx. IF you are into sound or streaming with bluetooth headphones, it's bad. You can only use headphones that support LDAC or buy Samsung own headphones or earbuds to enjoy higher sound quality.

  8. After debating last night, if I was going to switch from my iPhone 14 pro max. I finally pulled the trigger and placed my pre-order this morning getting the S23 Ultra in Lavender 512 GB for $500 after getting $900 for my trade in (really Awesome Samsung offers the 512gb for same price as the 256gb. Well Apple charges extra). And using my $150 credit I got matching lavender galaxy buds 2, and a lavender silicone case with a wireless dual charger for free!!! Sweet deal!

  9. why not return all lthe features of 2000 phones to the current lineup… like headphone jack. expandable memory , and also keep the physical fingerprint scanner move it to the back not on the side (due to if your a left handed or right you can access it due to it is position at the back) and more reliable than the in display finger print scan…. looks like a lg velvet design actually.

  10. I had used an LG phone for 4 years before the LCD blacked out then got a Redmi one and been using it for 5 years now, thinking of preordering S23.

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