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  1. Iq below 90 when you can’t even comprehend that nothing is happening after your whole body feels the floor and YOU KNOW it’s just some game

  2. the whole point of that game is to fall and if you don't jump off after a while it'll just push you off, she shouldn't have done that but why would he play in the first place if all you do is fall..

  3. I felt the jolt when he fell… Would have cried since that was also my fear😭… Would leave and ignore her for doing that 💔👎

  4. Honestly he’s being kind of a pussy in my opinion. Yeah he might be scared of heights but it’s a GAME dude. I can’t help but see it as a prank no worse than freaking somebody out with a fake mask. It’s not like she hurt him. Just trying to tease and mess around. I can’t relate to how he feels with heights but it shouldn’t be that serious after the fact. She even went over to him in an apologetic way afterwards so anyone who thinks this is a big deal, you’re also kind of a pussy 😁

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