The Future of Cinema: Epic Games Gave Us an In-Depth Tour of The Volume (Their Virtual Set Tech)

The Future of Cinema: Epic Games Gave Us an In-Depth Tour of The Volume (Their Virtual Set Tech)

Epic Games invited IGN’s Ben and Jeffrey to take a tour of their cutting-edge virtual set they call The Volume, the same technology …


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  1. Dude said this was $400k. Imagine this replicated inside a cube with a projection on all walls and different objects you can interact with other than flashlight like guns. It would be like VR without the goggles.

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  3. The volume is awesome technology but film studios should not completely depend on this. The sense of depth and scope is lost. Kenobi vs Andor proves this while The Batman shows how it should be used.

  4. Cool. Even more cgi in movies. Exactly what we don't need to be honest. Movies are starting to look so fake. There's a reason people are not going to the movies as much now. You can't beat a person standing in a real location.

  5. Wait, you know what this reminds me of?! When car guys and journalist get together on a track day to lap the hottest hypercar or racecar (yes hypercar not supercar) fresh of the factory line.

  6. Rich person VR. (For clarification, this is a compliment. It's very exciting tech). (Now for fun, imagine it with sci-fi level “hard light” magic. And what we can do with that).

  7. Filming at a Real Location makes it so much better because it creates a experience like no other makes the character feel like they are there.

  8. This feels like an answer to a question that has not been asked, nor needs to be asked as there is no current issue with the methods being used. Nothing will ever beat a real set or filming on location (especially when said location gets your production a rebate).

  9. Don't allow anyone to tell you what is and isn't possible for you. You're the only one who can dictate what you can and can't do. You are the controller of your life.

  10. Why are Video Games so obsessed with 'realism'? What happened to escapism? Games wouldn't take 10+ years to make if studios stopped making every pore on a models nose visible

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