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  1. Why are headlines like "Is virtual reality the future of gaming?" still a thing? VR has been a legit part of gaming for years now. It's not a console killer or a PC killer but it's also not "Just for experiences" either. It's a legit part of gaming that has joined the gaming space in a real gaming way.

    We really should stop with headlines like this. Is it a matter of "Is VR finally good now?"… no because VR has been good with real games often with crossplay with non-VR for years now. Is it "The future of gaming?"… It's not going to replace anything (just like how Consoles and PC and mobile and handheld haven't replaced anything either) so… this headline just… doesn't help.

  2. I think the PSVR2 is pretty damn good. I've been into VR for 6 years, on PC, I've had 5 headsets. The PSVR2 is half the price of PC VR headsets, and has features they don't have, with eye tracking, foveated rendering and haptics. Visually it is almost as good as top level PC VR headsets and better than any of the older ones. Screen door affect is minimal, there is a bit of a film grain affect because of the OLED screens, but it is not that much of a problem. It also has a massive IPD range, going up to 75mm, which not many headset cover.

  3. I returned my PSVR2, too expensive, too blurry and too nausea provoking. Maybe I'm not the ideal consumer for this technology.

  4. Bro I don’t know about the haptics on your PlayStation VR 2 but for me spectacular especially when your shooting a Shotgun in Resident Evil Village and your head vibrates as well as the controllers and no other headset has a vibration motor in the headset and it really adds to the immersion like when you crash in GT 7 and if your going to review something review it properly

  5. Best thing about PSVR2 is the price. Such excellent value and far cheaper than a roughly equivalent PC-based VR setup.

  6. VR is great. It needs to be used for more than it currently is. If I ever gather the resources I want to build VR experiences that take a professional amount of talent to play and are made for streaming. You could make something like the Clone Wars tv show but streamed live with VR actors.

  7. I dont understand how the one "negative" can be pitched as so. I mean every man and his donkey knows to get an equivalent setup anywhere else other than PSVR2 costs MUCH more. I mean this is just fact. So annoying, really do expect better coverage than this.

  8. “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” Aldous Huxley, Brave New World….

  9. So far I am loving it hopefully there will be a wireless headset just as powerful as the playstation vr 2 one day I do believe in vr we can only hope for a Xbox vr headset.

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