Lies, Deception & Unbox Therapy, (Part 1) Unbox Therapy Exposed ?, Lewis Unbox Therapy

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  1. The iPhones are actually real and unbox therapy made a video where they put some kind of wood skin or case on it for some reason I forget exactly the context of making them all look like wood but trust me those phones are real!

    The real question is did he give them away? Or did he receive them as some type of promotion from Apple and only give some away and maybe he sold the rest…

  2. Nobody did like this …….
    Ummmmmm……… I know someone with such calibre….. Mr beast yeah u know his name he changes it ones or twice but he is here to stay😁😉

  3. To be fair, he specifically said in the video he had a few iphones to give away. Just because you fell for the marketing of the giveaway doesn't mean he has to give a truckload of phones away.

    Think before you start assuming things. It's not his fault you assumed he was giving away a truckload of iphones lol.

  4. It’s not the end of the world that it was a fake giveaway. Also it’s not fair that u say he can’t keep his viewers waiting. He has a life too u know. Who knows maybe he was desperate for the views. U don’t know the background. So don’t start pointing fingers at him unless u know the full story.

  5. Just stumbled upon this. A few years late. Interesting for sure

    Bit of constructive criticism. I came to watch about Lew and the scam, not to watch a gaming match 😛 It was extremely distracting and also completely irrelevant to the topic. Just thought I'd throw that out there

  6. btw he also helped promote a the pablo escobar fold 2 scam, which was basically a website letting you buy a sick 350$ samsung fold 2, but then never shipping it to you. this guy has no chill

  7. This was the 1st exposed video I’ve ever seen. Thx man

    Like, ever. The first exposed video I’ve ever seen ever.

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