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  1. Wow, this end result is actually really cool! Those were some really creative uses of those tools, never thought about how you could use video for more immersive effects!

  2. Hello i have made powerpoint games in the past and there is this glitch that if you dont move the mouse at all it doesnt detect the hover over collisions triggers but i havent seen anyone make a rythm game like this

  3. This is art! A couple of months ago I created a Google slides game and it's so cool see that there's a much larger community than I ever thought!

  4. Man, you deserve so many more subscribers. Like all ur videos are amazing original content like some big game developer posting on yt. Raise ur hand if u agree!🤚👇

  5. but the most important question is: how do people get Powerpoint for free on their PC? Do they have it preinstalled or what? Cause my PC didn't have it when I bought it and apparently it's only a paid software, I mean maybe the web version is free like for Word idk, but still it's weird

  6. Should've used a sequential trigger, like splitting the blocks into two (or even 4 or 8) triggers, to detect swiping motion and direction, and ensure only cutting blocks in the correct direction counts.

  7. You damn cray cray and I love it! Thank you for this glorious creation! Now I have no excuses and can only be shamed for not doing something for myself.

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