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  1. Make an app that has facial recognition and automatically pull up social media accounts from the people you are looking at while walking or in a public area and also have facial expression monitors to tell you when someone is lying

  2. Instead of kids looking down at their phones they’ll be waving around their arms while wearing a GIANT SCUBA MASK—with a battery dangling off the side! Welcome to the DYSTOPIA!

  3. Automatically thought about pop up ads and viruses with this, imagine sitting there watching YouTube and a mf comes, and drop kicks your webpage out the window 😂

  4. Can’t wait to get one of these in 10 years when they stop supporting this version and it’s on offerup for $100’s..

  5. This has to be the dorkiest thing I''ve ever seen. If I see someone wearing these in public, I'm gonna mug them for their wallet and keys.

  6. The thing is – 2 4k oled tvs cost $1500 each and on top of that it has an m2 which is like having a macbook air/mac mini inside… so the pricing isnt even that absurd.

  7. They need to implement the feature when multiple headsets connect to a " main " one and all of them see the same thing shared by THAT main one. I imagine could be used in multiple things like medically or military, schools etc.

  8. ok i felt i needed to make this for the sake of all the inexperianced non vr people out there seeing this tech, the meta quest 3 does everything here for thousands cheaper, apple had the opportunity to create a amazing first step and change the market with the geatest vr/ar ever using apple silicon and instead they made a glorified quest go(which has been discontinuted for years)

    do not buy this, its a waste of money, buy a quest 3 or pro

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