Apple Vision Pro BLEW MY MIND!

Apple had a jam packed WWDC 2023 but of course the announcement on everyone’s mind right now is Apple’s new augmented …


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  1. This is a Pro version. Def there should be regular or even SE editions down the line further.
    This is much more impressive and disruptive than I anticipated.

  2. This is exactly why they announced this at WWDC. AAPL provides a cutting edge platform but the devs will drive the demand. This is what happened with the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. Yes, this is bold but I'm excited to see the future.

  3. Imagine if the headset evolves into glasses (with the processing done by a phone size device in your pocket). This could be revolutionary. First personal computer is a great comparison. We’re at gen 1. Imagine the gen 10 version. 🔥

  4. I'm skeptical. They said very similar things about VR headsets 6-7 years ago, and people were hyping them all over youtube. So I got one with a 2K display, and it was a massive disappointment. Contrary to what reviewers said, it wasn't amazing, it didn't "feel like I was there", I couldn't have my own movie theater. The image quality was so bad, I could see individual pixels, so I put the headset back in its box after a couple weeks and never used it again.

  5. I think the current obstacles are the looks (big / heavy / ski goggles like) and price. If this looked like consumer glasses for couple hundred $, with the same concept & features, you wouldn't think twice and just bought it. So I don't think there's any issue in the concepts it introduced, just the execution, which in turn is only limited by the current tech (and as we know, the tech keeps on getting smaller). If a company like Apple will keep at, eventually they will manage to miniaturize it down to break the "this looks silly" barrier, and it will become a mass product. Obviously it will be very challenging and might need years of work (maybe like 10?), but it's a first step towards the AR revolution. Hopefully Apple is determined enough and is aware that this won't be a mass product until years in the future, and they have the endurance to see it through.

  6. This headset is so bad compare to quest, it has nothing at quest expect the resolution. Quest 2 has more features and can actually play games instead of being a phone you slap on your face. How could apple flop so hard that a device for 499 is better then your 3500 headset. Also no it's not going to replace anything it's gonna to be a flop it's just a bad headset compare to every headset that's out there allredy

  7. I think it's overpriced, as much as it's incredible they should have give it such price only if it was to have 8k per eye screen res' and also included advanced controllers of sorts along with it…but since you get no controllers and only 4k res per eye (which I have now in my Pico 4) then it's not something I'd be willing to put my money on, but definitely it's something I would have really wanted to buy if I could (if it was a bit less expensive).

  8. I hear you regarding the price of the Apple Vision Pro. Having said that everyone knows Apple products ain't cheap yet they sell out because Apple product users don't speak broke. 💰😁

  9. Marquees said the gestures worked so well… it’s was mind blowing & scary. Said he has never seen anything in this category work so well, even things being worked on, & not released yet. He was floored.

  10. Google glass came out 10 years ago… apple should know people aren’t that out of touch they’ll sit at home with skiing goggles to watch a movie. Well you never know

  11. i'm excited, big benefit is that i can have a multi monitor like setup on the go. i think it could also be a benefit for users with more powerful macs that uses M2 Pro/Max/Ultra, they could stream Mac Os on the Vision Pro and it's cheaper than 1 Pro Display XDR. 🙃

  12. It's old technology. They just combined a bunch of other products together and slapped an apple logo on it. We are living with 10yr old tech.

  13. When I first bought my Quest 2 I didn't know about passthrough mode. I thought that was magic the first time I saw it. It seemed so silly that Meta was focusing on the metaverse when it was so obvious that the passthrough is the killer app.

  14. Yeah two hour battery life sucks. But I imagine apple, or third parties make bigger batteries. Even like, imagine, a giant battery belt for enthusiast users that can get you through the day 😀

  15. Gen 1 beta testers will pay up the $3500+ tax for this device. If Gen 4-5 gets smaller and half the price everyone will want one.

  16. I see no way anyone would wear this all the time, its battery only lasts like 2 hours. Also most things of the interface have already been implemented by other cheaper devices. Also I dont think any vr ar thing is gonna be the future, it just is kinda ehhh.

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