Apple Vision Pro: I Tried Apple’s AR/VR Headset

Apple Vision Pro: I Tried Apple’s AR/VR Headset

An amazing display and impressive cameras: I found a headset that makes movies look great, and blends reality impressively.


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  1. The next big thing from Apple but completely reinvented to accompany this, is the Apple Cam. It’ll be the size of 2 Apple Watch Ultras smashed together with “NEW” camera lense(s) setup and Chip coming to the iPhone 15 Pro. This new Cam will be able to shoot 8K and capture 3D Panoramic View with Spatial Audio. You will now be able to capture, edit and share on Vision PRO. Then they announce their AppleTV and Music deals. You thought NPR Tiny Desk performances were great for artists, just wait. Boxing matches. MLB and NBA. I anticipate that there will also be more peripherals at launch. I joked about an Anker Battery Bank Vest. Then there would be haptic vest, of course. The different headband colors. It’s gotta come in Space Grey or some other exclusive color.

  2. Sweet! Got my Amex ready baby! $3500 ain't nothing. Can't wait to test this baby's hand-eye on the good ol' 'Hub! Hahahaha eat my shorts!!

  3. They need to pitch it to gamers, not typical iphone users. Target market for VR/AR will be gamers for a while still until it is much smaller/lighter and cheaper. They need controllers to do that, and probably bring down the price to be competitive.

  4. Any idea on the spatial accuracy of objects in the view? To what level of accuracy can I determine the location of an object (with reference to a baseline) in 3D space for industrial applications?

  5. How much would you pay for a giant TV screen along with a receiver and surround speakers, plus a dvd player, phone, and a computer. If the fidelity and comfort are what is being claimed this new headset performs all those functions. If so, the cost is reasonable.

  6. Apple makes the best of the best but how can they get it down to an affordable price?. perhaps they should lease it like a car 😲.

  7. Having watched the presentation, this seems very much a project developed during the Covid pandemic when people thought that lockdowns and work-from-home would last forever. I’m not sure how it’ll work now that things are getting back to normal.

    Though with how San Francisco is devolving, people might prefer to attend their white collar meetings from their luxury bungalows in Jackson Hole rather than going back into a literal cesspit.

  8. All I got oit of this is a better screen, better pass through due to better screen, good hand tracking and this guy wasn't allowed to take pictures. Good thing he repeated that point for 3mins at the beginning of the clip

  9. All this Apple stuff is great to get other headset providers to up their game. Hopefully they'll copy some of it and implement it into the Quest Pro. Competition can only help us all out 🙂

  10. It’s to see what google does next because I heard they are working on one and they should have more experience because of google glass.

  11. As an industry we all really need to get better at recognizing that audio is half the experience, and stop ignoring the contribution it makes. Did this demo even include audio? Of course it did.

  12. Keep saying that Meta made a big mistake dropping eye tracking in their upcoming Q3. Pity it's Apple that seem to have produced the first fully functional AR/VR platform, Apple's walled garden just kills this as something I might buy.

  13. I don't think the intended market is consumers but enterprises. MR is very promising but unless if we are able to get the costs of components down while not sacrificing profitability, Apple's headset will join the other headsets that have failed in a consumer world but succeeded when selling to businesses.

  14. I wish they had something like looking glass’s holographic displays in the front instead of a regular 2D OLED to display the eyes. Would have been nuts.

  15. I've never been interested in VR headsets but this thing is a completely different beast. I have multiple monitors including a big screen TV… imagine replacing those with just this. Not to mention the possibility of immersive experience of watching sports courtside. Totally mindblowing.

  16. A bunch of videos are popping up with reviews of people who have seen this thing and touched it. The coolest thing I can imagine for using it would be as an automotive scanner. We have wireless scanning on cars now and that is cool but imagine scanning your car with this headset and then opening the hood and the headset highlighting and showing you how to fix it yourself. Of course you’re going to have to spend a lot of money for the headset and all the tools you need to fix your own car, but it would be really cool.

  17. What a stupid waste of money. Imagine spending all this money on a headset only to be in the apple ecosystem of no games or fun.

  18. What did the FOV feel like, compared to the other VR Headsets you have tried? If anyone knows, pls comment 🙂

  19. im calling it now the haedset is going to boom and tank so bad that the titanic would be jealous because 1 im counting on like all things thats too good to be true something about the headset is not going to work on day one or 2 promises that this that or whatever is heading to the headset and 3 unless your a big time corp or a big time youtuber no body is going to buy this headset ESPECIALLY in this economy you could literally put the power and the hand of god in this headset and no one will buy it it's just too overpriced sorry im calling it now meta quest 3 wins this vr gen

  20. Headset's are like 3D you can only take so much and trying to live in an alternate world should tell yourself you have a problem

  21. Yeah, what i get from that is:
    1. It's supposed to be for pros, hence the price… But the guy gives examples like "watching a movie"… i mean, why not…
    2. No trackers & hand+eye tracking slightly better than the oculus quest's… Didn't hear about the Varjo XR3 though for comparison.
    3. Very nice display & very standard equipment except that.

    Oculus / Meta did already the job for consumer market easily.

  22. I tried vr at vr world waaaay back in like 1992. And it was amazing and crystal clear. I believe it was crt technology no screen door Granted it was like like a $250,000 unit or something but i can't for the life of me figure out why we are not at this point yet. Maybe this is it. Will be about time..

  23. He claims to have used VR headsets for 10 years and yet is amazed by the fact Vision Pro has no controllers?! Meta's Oculus VRs have been offering hand gestures and voice commands for years! You have the option to use or not use the controllers. Please keep in mind that just like IOS, Meta releases new software updates to their headset on a regular basis! I am perfectly happy with my $300 Oculus 2 headset!

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