Apple Vision Pro Impressions!

I tried Apple’s first ever spacial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. There are my honest thoughts. Google Project Starline: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. @19:00 Great sense of humor / sarcasm, at when Marques told that Vision SE at 400 bucks. It won't happen Marques; not even in dream. Even cheaper version will not have price less than 1000 bucks minimum.

  2. Porn Industry: Great video. Now our ads will be actually delivering products they promote 🙂
    Porn tech addicts: Where's the preorder?
    Only fans users: so now I will be able to record my scenes on a different level 🙂 Let them pay!

    Ordinary people: great, let's wait until it's not going to cost more than iPhone and will be something that isn't disconnecting you with people after decades of "connecting people" 🙂

  3. This seriously feels like the future is here finally. Im so excited what lays ahead in the next 10-20 years. Its gonna be wild.

  4. Perfect Exposure on your talking head shot, the moving tree line background is nicely exposed love this level of expertise in your videos.

  5. I would love to see a quest 3 or quest Pro comparison with this one. Apple made it sound like a totally new product but besides some of the features, it seems very similar to meta's. It's basically a premium VR/AR, but you also pay premium.

  6. Here is what no one is speaking about…. With all the tech Marques is speaking about, is this really a $5,000 – $6,000 device where Apple is prepared to take a loss on generation #1 hardware? Apple needs developers and early adopters to sign-up to use the product and serve as beta testers. Generation #1 (due to price) will not be a volume consumer product (and Apple knows this). If Apple charged $5,000 this may be a dead in the water experiment.

    This feels a bit like 'Tesla FSD beta' . You buy expensive hardware, the beta O/S, and the privilege to use it in beta form. Your interest/contribution allows developers to test generation #1 hardware and developer (Apple & 3rd party) solutions for a small population BEFORE it is made available to the masses.

  7. reason why you face time is to look at the person. why call a person using a 3d model of your self right? maybe this gadget is all for gamerssss !!!! like redy player 1.

  8. Ive said many times. Apple products are expensive and looks the same and nothing interesting. THIS IS interesting. This is where the iPhone development money is gone. This is what the google glass should have being. I like it. BUT it's not for me right now, its too expensive. SOOO APPLE FANS I SUMMON THEE TO BETA TEST THIS TO OBLIVION so I can afford when the price comes down and this tech is readily available and when it has a better battery. Im not paying the apple tax. Very cool.

  9. Learned nothing from Google Glasses and so called VR headsets. No mention about how this will affect vision focus, how will it work with people who have had cataract surgery and single focus lens? I will be curious to see what sales are in 1-2 months when the hype dies and reality sets in. I have been a life long early adopter of tech but call me Skeptical in Michigan.

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