Diablo 4 – Before You Buy

Diablo 4 - Before You Buy

Diablo IV (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is Activision Blizzard’s latest in the long running looter RPG franchise. How is it?


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  1. I refunded mine as it was tested and confirmed that there is a priority queue in PC. We all logged in at the same time friends who has the 100 usd tier was able to login in without waiting for us who only have enough money for the 70 usd version got a 28 min queue and only kept increasing, it took 2 hours before we could play.

  2. A HUGE part of Diablo for me is how cozy and ambient the environment is, but from all the places I saw in this video, they looked dull, grungy and dirty. The land looks etiolated and gray, even the caves and dark spaces don't look as magical and cool, it just looks dull and dirty. Is this what the whole game looks like? Or are there many places that capture that special, magical ambient feeling like the other games did?

  3. Smack class😂, totally disappointed after Diablo immoral. Officially The title will have a battle pass and seasonal content drops to pay for the premium pass in order to unlock more content. You do pay also for base music, base models, better textures etc, and only that is 70 dollars, 🙄🤣And that is confirmed, who knows what else you would need to pay for. I'm not gonna pay 60 dollars for a stupid game just later to pay hundreds/thousands of dollars more just to keep up with whales. Oh, ppl will play casual, Riiiight. Tell you what, bought Baldur's gate 3, around 2 years ago, officially will be released in August, I'll stick to that game, no in game shop, seasonal, exclusive, premium passes, nothing. Just beautiful game with beautiful graphics, lore, story, battle system…. Can't wait for – AFTER YOU BUY.

  4. Considering how good D3 was (I played twice, once on release, once last year in co-op) to start by saying that it's immediately better is all I need to hear lol

  5. With graphix like these it would've worked better as a 3rd person camera instead of an isometric view.

  6. Ich war wirklich gewillt eine ps5 nur für ff16 zu kaufen. Dann hat leider meine vernunft doch sich gemeldet. Ich warte auf dne oc Release.
    Ich hab mir schließlich keine 4090 geholt um dann ps5 zu spielen

  7. I liked diablo2 cos it was nothing better at that time. Diablo 3 first game that a fell asleep while playing. I find these games very outdated. I think most people that will enjoy this game are older people that played the 1st and 2nd game. I can't see these genre making a comeback. Too time consuming.

  8. I can't say the same for pc users, but ps5 users save your hard-earned money. I made the mistake of getting the deluxe edition early access thinking i could play this on my days off. Sure, i was able to play, but not without horrible crashes and log in issues. And now that everyone is playing, it's even worse. If you really want to play this game. I would wait until the issues are fixed, and if u can wait longer maybe the price will drop. I'm guilty of buying their games even after all their mess ups, but this is the last time for me. Sure I'm just one consumer, but hopefully one day people also realize.

  9. Sadly this is another fucked up launch. Servers were not ready as Blizzard had promised. Can't play the game due to all the crashes and server-side problems.

  10. As a gamer, I love challenges in a way, that I achieve something not because of a better gear or ingame skill but because I understood the mechanics, the attack patterns of an enemy

    It doesn't have to be souls sekiro like 🙂 but my question is

    How challenging is d4 on a first playthrough?
    Do you feel like this super hero kicking assess right away or is actual any difficult /challenging as well?

    Thanks for some insights

  11. I have been a veteran of this franchise since Diablo 1 where they used Sierra Online to expand the game. I loved the first one, then the second one plus expansion and eventually came to Diablo 3, that was a disappointment but now I am considering this Diablo 4 stuff.

  12. Sadly you didnt cover the one part people really need to know about.

    How does it being open world and having to deal with other players impact the experience.

    Because the Diablo formula is hard to mess up. But other games have added the open world other players and it was just plain awful and full of griefing.

    So for us who arent watching streams due to spoilers.
    What is it like when another player shows up to a boss?
    What happens when high level players pop up?
    What happens in towns between players?

    Sadly other people are going to make or break an experience like this because the core, content and balance can be changed with a patch. Other people cant.

  13. D4 brings it back to the grittyness and dark, brutal gameplay and environments of D1/D2 ..D3 was kinda in its own bubble comparing all 4. Definitely an improvement. It’s not overly easy feelings like D3 but still manageable (I play on the 2nd tier, nightmare I think) highly recommend!!

  14. I played on server slam and even its great game imo it's not worth to buy it NOW. For a £59 + as new live service… It's cool for now but it may get worst we monetisation, server issues, balance etc. I personally only these year started playing Diablo 3 and that was great choise get FINALLISED game for smaller price. There are other good arpgs now including now Wh40k inquistor Martyr with tons of small DLCs these week for quoter of price for D4

  15. Think it is a bit daft if they haven't adopted Grim Dawns dual class system, adds so much to gameplay and replayability

  16. Its a rare feeling these days to have a game that gets you excited throughout the day knowing you will play it again later. Love it

  17. I played 3 and maybe two? Point being not a massive fan. This said though I still might look into this because, if I heard right, one can enjoy this solo. Thanks for the review as always

  18. Been playing Diablo since the original as 10 year old kid. I was scared shitless entering every room. Those graphics looked super real to me. And from first one I walked sorcerers path, and will continue to do so

  19. I had never played a Diablo game prior to playing this one’s open beta. I made a Druid and played for an hour or two and quickly became bored. I may try it again if they bring it to Gamepass.

  20. I've been playing since the first and this is easily the most Diablo has ever delivered on it's promise. Also, cheers to the tech team for keeping the servers going strong during launch, we haven't seen that in a diablo release in a very long time.

  21. I played the demo, I enjoyed it, but it seems like you absolutely have to be a sweat lord to enjoy this game. So it’s a miss for me. I gotta work and other stuff man.

  22. The shop is SOOOOO expensive! I am not against paying for skins and supporting a live service game that I love, but I can't justify the prices. If they were under $10 I would buy many of them over time, but one for $25??? Nah. Not even one. How do they justify their prices? I feel like they alienate a lot of players and lose out on a LOT of $ by making it so expensive. Even the people who buy them at $25 would most likely buy more if they were cheaper. They must feel like the Apple of game companies.

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