RoboCop Rogue City – Hands-On Preview

RoboCop Rogue City - Hands-On Preview

Check out our hands-on RoboCop: Rogue City preview! We played the opening hours of the upcoming ’80s action FPS and think …


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  1. "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"… What kind of RoboCop are you going to be in Rogue City, and are you looking to get the Good or Bad ending? – Jesse

  2. Gotta admit "from the makers of Rambo" did not fill me with confidence but this video helped sell me that they learned a lot since then

  3. I'm also quite wondering where the challenge is going to be when it comes to a seemingly indestructible tank in an FPS game. Space Hulk: Deathwing also did this, and its main challenge came from the fact that you move slow but aren't actually that invulnerable to attacks, not to mention the claustrophobic environment that made getting in-close with enemies a certainty. Robocop's slowness and nigh indestructible nature may be authentic to the source material, but I'm looking to see how they can actually make it fun instead of being a boring "move here, shoot everyone up". (It's one thing in say an RPG when you're able to gather up enough skills and equipment to become an indestructible tank since at least there's accomplishment in doing so, it's another if that's just your default state from the very beginning).

  4. It would be cool if they had a multi target system kind of like splinter cell conviction. But slow it down like in the first movie. Where he turns slowly shoots.

  5. This looks pretty fun! The only thing that irks me is the Auto-9 sound. In the movies, it was thunderous with that burst fire. Even the real pistol it's based off of, the M93R, sounded ungodly. This sounds like a full auto airsoft gun.

  6. So does the dev team specialise in making video games of 80s classics, having done both Rambo and Terminator before this? 😂

  7. The detail on the npc’s need some work the detail on the levels need some work looks last gen or even pre-last gen if they were to clean up the graphics and up to date I’m pretty sure it would be a hit

  8. I'd guess there would be techniques to easily get the lip sync and facial animations way better at this day and age, like metahuman, etc. They are the roughest i've seen in a while

  9. You said it yourself, you only got access to the first few sections of the game. Looks to me that the developers want to keep the stronger enemies a secret for the time being.

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