Apple Vision Pro for $3499:: First Look & Reactions from WWDC 2023!

It’s a First Look at the Apple Vision Pro from Steve Jobs Theater at WWDC23. Apple’s headset will retail for $3499 and will be …


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  1. I wished it was a cheaper verison so that more people could afford it…..😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡

  2. Too expensive and Apple didn’t didn’t think about the regular consumer. People can barely pay their rent . For 3,500 you should be able to see the world 😊😊😅.

  3. Smart move by Apple not releasing it until next year give people time to save up I'm getting one eventually that price tag is like a punch in the gut😮 but damn is that amazing

  4. Me with a quest 2 with no cables, and can watch the vids in 8k. For 499.. plus 256gb they! Didn't even told us if this is even 1tb! 3500?! Bro… Bite me. Many companies do amazing things, but everytime apple does something… They think it's new. For the love of god

  5. 99% of the people DON'T want this plastic waste of money that's only gonna be used for gaming for rich kids. Apple a company that pushed the narrative of environmental responsibility from their buyers. This proves they don't care about that and all and want your money. Such a waste of money at 3.5k. IF you stand in line for this in future then you'll be as disappointed as Google glass was.

  6. if this thing would be 1000 dollars, wouldn't they make much more profit as much more people can actually buy it ?
    my god, i feel so stupid saying this again because come on now, isn't this so very logical ???

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