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  1. WTF the CA developers only needed to do a 5 min search of the most popular mods for Total War games on Steam, and they would have known what we all want, and have waited for all these years a Med 3, Empire 2 perhaps Age of the Mongols or an Age of Conquest, a worldwide expansive game. Instead they give us Troy 2. (not buying out of principle will wait another 7 years for the next truly historic game. Ancient Empires 2 mod for Attila turns Attila into Rome, so happy with that for now.

  2. Wish the ground textures looked better. It’s nice to have this dynamic weather system brought to battles; causing areas to go “marsh-like”, but the textures still remain flat

  3. 🙁 We just had Troy and the Tomb Kings in Warhammer….the army in the background at 1:20 are doing skeleton walking….we needed Medieval 3!!!

  4. OHH COMMOOON!!! THIS REALLY !!! A reskinned TROY, you guys are getting to a point where you just don't want to work! where is Medieval ?!

  5. CA is less and less relevant with every release in the past 5 years.

    This game does not revive the hype. Troy was garbage.

    Someone else really needs to setup up and make historical games like Medieval, Rome etc.

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