18 Minutes of Final Fantasy 16 Dungeon-Crawling Gameplay | IGN First

18 Minutes of Final Fantasy 16 Dungeon-Crawling Gameplay | IGN First

Enjoy 18 minutes of exclusive gameplay as we explore two dungeons in Final Fantasy 16 ahead of its release for PS5 on June 22.


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  1. Really don't like how tanky enemies seem to be in this game, spending minutes bashing away on basically just large mooks as your damage is a percent of a percent of their health looks boring.

  2. For me the character blends in too hard into the environment. He is hardly recognizable in fights. Im also not sure about the characters warping out of the center of the frame.

  3. art and visuals are really underwhelming. Samey colors used throughout makes the enemies, clive, and environment all blend into an unreadable screen. Not really a fan of this dmc ps2 level design either of room to room enemies.

  4. Wow, they added fast paced Devil May Cry style combat, to the new Dark Souls game!

    Wait… Final what Fantasy what?

  5. Is it just me or is the battle system just overly flashy and fast? It doesn’t look as fun cause it just feels like you don’t have enough time to actually see every move and appreciate the attacks for what they are. It’s like they made it super flashy to keep you interested like giving your flashy phone to a child to keep them occupied lol

  6. They should’ve turned down the particle effects a notch.
    In a game that requires reacting to enemy attacks, it makes no sense for the visual cues to get damped by overused particle effects

  7. The UI of a mobile game, Visual Effects Diarrhea, the common goons being absolute damage sponges, annoying damage numbers that clutter the screen and the generic church organ music aren't really selling it for me.

  8. Not liking the music.. . FInal Fantasy games had better ost than that.
    Combat seems to be completely brainless button spamming without any bit of challenge. Hopefully full game is better than that.

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