Apple unveils Vision Pro augmented reality headset during WWDC event

Apple unveils Vision Pro augmented reality headset during WWDC event

CNBC’s Deirdre Bosa joins ‘Power Lunch’ to report on Apple’s unveiling of its augmented reality headset. For access to live and …


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  1. Despite the fact that I invest, I am saddened by my inability to evaluate each company's performance and determine whether or not this is the ideal time to purchase stocks. My monetary stockpile is being depleted by inflation. At this stage, I need accurate market trajectory data, but I'm not sure what to do.

  2. They could call it Douchebaggery 2.0. Sure. I'm going to look natural walking down Broadway like I'm a deep sea diver. People are going to surround you rolling on the sidewalk laughing.

  3. People are going to work from home which many already are, using AI controlling robots at the works-place to build and drive and fly. It’s not just for entertainment. It’s going to transform the world. Being able to tap into Josh Allen’s helmet or Pat Mahomes on the game winning drive for X amount of dollars instantly will be an option. Being able to perform tasks with safety and accuracy will increase product quality and company performance. There’s so much to look forward to.

  4. Yes we have seen some of this in other devices, but what sells you is actual experience, how good it looks, does it make you sick, gives you a headache, etc. to perfect all of this, you need proper hardware. That’s what these news guys don’t talk about. Apple nailed this! The special audio, not needing a controller, even the panels cast shadows on objects in your room, you don’t need to plug it into another device as it’s a computer itself, 4k panels for each eye, etc. nothing on the market for $500 to 1K can touch it! Meta looks like a Nintendo wii from 15/20 years ago. I do think Meta has the right idea though.

  5. We can’t know if this is any good until you try in on. I bet it makes you feel sick though.

    Waving your arms around will get tiring. If the eye pointing works that’s good.

    Too expensive.

    Looks dumb. Looks like a good way to isolate yourself from other people in the room. I picture this device starting a lot of family fights.

    It’s a nice step in VR technology, but I don’t know if it’ll catch on.

  6. Best part about today’s WWDC was NO THIRD WORLD INDIAN-HINDOOS with their incomprehensible garbage Indian Third World H-1B body shop accents presenting — thank God for that! – at least I could understand the products and their features properly! 😆😆😆😆

  7. I think apple is planning to use this headset for celeb's and dev's to help promote hype for the next generation which I expect will be reduced in cost. While they grow the app store out.

  8. Just unbelievable…. A lot of other companies already created something better and cheaper, the AR glasses. Also comparable with you laptop!. Oculus Changed everything, but no….. News only give a damn when apple does something stupid :/

  9. I never thought i would say that… But thank you mate for the quesr 2. I would buy anything vr for years! 3.500… without usb c?! Bruh

  10. Who watches these kind of idiots just wildly speculating on nonsense. Literally providing no value they should just play the presentation.

  11. Hopefully they have game’s designed for that so I can fight the virtual characters in the real world. Or have cool powers

  12. so apart from battery being outside dangling around and eyes being visible through , meta's headset does the same things. However Meta never promoted the same features like Apple is promoting "revolutionary" and literally no mention of battery life? I am not against any company or anything but how come Apple is never scrutinised about data. The amount of data that Apple has , its mind boggling. Remember Facebook was just an App in the ecosystem of Apple , whereas Apple built the ecosystem and now with these amount of sensors with VisionPro, jeez ginormous amounts of data of one person… I haven't even mentioned about apple watch sensory data that it logs in health app with the medical id and stuff. All of this data about one person with an apple id, wow that is some concentration of power. However as long as they can keep the media and other mouth pieces happy, Apple won't be questioned

  13. does anyone know if unity for video game development will be able to be downloaded on to the apple vision pro, it says the apple vision pro will have a more powerful m2 processor and unity requires a m1, but unity has other requirements too.

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