Nothing Watch Pro: A Satisfactory Start!

The new, affordable CMF by Nothing devices are here, including the new Nothing Watch Pro, the Nothing Buds Pro and the …


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  1. do not buy samsung phone pathetic battery optimization go for apple i have 7000 mah battery m51 and i use less then 1 hour in a day still it run only for a day in 10 to 100% and my hardware and battery is good i have also old jmax7 that one batter pefrom th

  2. Wow! Nohing special about it! Casio sphygmanometer watch could measure blood pressure back in 1995. There are even smartwatches with in built sim chip and memory slots as early as 1999 like the Samsung's SPH-WP10! Lol and they were sometimes smarter than today's "smartwatches" . Please call these as Bluetooth enables smart bands and the ones that include a SIM slot as watchphones.

  3. Without WearOS/Android or IPhone's UI for watch it'll never be a smartwatch…!!

    Using Samsung's watch and you can't beat it any other watch. Other watches are bare minimum compared to Samsung Watch

  4. I think you praising this for it's smooth UI, you haven't tried Noise, fireboltt watches which are cheaper than this 💯 and same smooth Ui and some features on them are better if not the same 😂😂 so yeah broaden ur review consideration lol

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