9 Discontinued Car Models of 2020 that We Will Dearly Miss

Car sales have been at the all-time high for the past half a decade driving competition through the roof. This turned some companies into world’s leaders, while others were forced to retreat to avoid sinking under the overwhelming demands of a modern buyer. As a result, lineups of automakers are constantly going through changes with many long-time running but poorly selling models being axed. In today’s episode we will focus on those automobiles which will be saying good bye to dealerships in 2020 to make sure you won’t miss a chance to buy one of them.
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#1 Volkswagen Beetle
The most recent VW Beetle iteration is a small family car that sits on VW A5 platform and was introduced for the 2012 model year. Now, it is being dropped from the company’s lineup worldwide, with production scheduled to end in August 2019.

#2 Chrysler 300
Once one of the Big Three American automakers, the Chrysler brand has been struggling for quite a while now. Currently, the company’s is lineup consists of only 3 vehicles, gasoline and hybrid Pacifica minivans plus the 300 full-sized luxury sedan. In 2020, it is rumored to shrink once more with the drop the 300 model.

#3 Chevrolet Impala
Though many Impala fans were dying to see an all-new model with back to the roots feel, it actually fell victim to the massive discontinuation streak that Chevrolet has been on during the past couple of years. Though somewhat outdated on the looks this full-size sedan is a decent all-rounder.

#4 Ford Fiesta
After returning to the American market in 2008, Ford Fiesta is being axed from the brand’s US lineup in response to the increasing popularity of crossovers and SUVs. The model, except of the ST hot hatch version, is also discontinued in Australia, where has been running continuously since 1976.

#5 Chevrolet Cruze
After over 10 years and two generations on the market, Chevrolet Cruze ended production in March 2019. Despite receiving a mid-cycle refresh, the Cruze is being axed in the US, Mexico, and South Korea, remaining available only in China and South America.

#6 Buick Lacrosse and LaCrosse Avenir
The 2019 model year is also the last one for the Buick Lacrosse sedan linuup, which already ended production in February 2019. While still on sale, the model is available in 6 trims: base, Preferred, Essence, Premium, Avenir, and a new Sport Touring.

#7 Chevrolet Volt
Despite the fact that the Volt is arguably one of the best plug-in hybrids on the market, it is being phased out nonetheless by Chevrolet, who want to focus on producing all-electric vehicles.

#8 Cadillac ATS + ATS-V Coupe
While expanding its V-Series performance subbrand with the recent arrivals of CT4-V and CT5-V, Cadillac has killed off the ATS Sedan in 2018. Now it is being followed out of the door by the coupe version of this model.

#9 Smart EQ
The Smart brand’s sales were far from stellar in the US and Canada which led to the discontinuation of the gasoline variant of this micro car in 2019. After a failed attempt to popularize the all-electric version, it is now being axed as well.


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  1. Nobody in North America wants a two seater economy car. If they sold the Smart for four here their sales probably would have done better. Most households have at least 3 people in them. Who wants to call a cab or an Uber for their 3rd passenger.

  2. There are only 3 reasons to discontinue a model. It has alot of issues. Its not very popular & it's sales figures don't make it profitable enough… so no great loss here.

  3. I Feel bad for all these cars but what about
    The Dodge Grand Caravan I heard that one was going to get discontinued in 2020?
    Also i am upset about the Beetle

  4. Not really sorry to see them go. Just sorry American companies won't build CARS in the US. Not everyone wants a truck or SUV. Some of us prefer better ride, handling and fuel economy. But that's OK. When gas prices go up again, and the truck/SUV fad wears off, Detroit will once again send American car buyers to Toyota and Honda,
    (and Hyundai and Kia) !

  5. I hope to get a full size car once I'm done paying for the one I have. I currently have a Taurus 2014 SEL, would like to get suggestions on full size cars with a 6 cylinder engine. I'll probably get a used one in 2 years. I'm more disappointed that Ford is no longer doing the Taurus

  6. The impala has been discontinued before in the 90s and they brought it back for 2001 so I believe she will be back again. My dream car for the longest was a 300 so they may get cheaper now that they are not produced anymore.as for the Cruze it’s so cute why would you cut it.. they sell like hotcakes

  7. Chrysler wants you to not buy them by making the interior colors as unappealing as possible. White or black? Really? No imagination there and they aint spending any money on giving better choices. Even the exterior colors are blah. My 2014 300c was the last year they made tan and beige interiors with nice color wood trim. They want to make the crappy Fiats…let them. Fiat is as low grade as it gets.

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