NEW 2025 AUDI RS5 Sportback Official reveal | FIRST LOOK!

2025 AUDI RS5 | Do remember to take all of this with a healthy dose of salt as nothing is official from Audi just yet regarding the fate of the A5 series, but the host believes that Audi Sport will electrify the current 2.9-liter V6 TFSI engine used in the RS 4 to make it a potential monster with up to 700 horsepower. That’s way more than what the 503-hp BMW M3 Competition xDrive Touring has to offer, and it’s even above the Audi RS 6 Avant performance or GT special edition.

So, if you ask us, it’s a little hard to believe – even with a PHEV setup. On the other hand, the resident pixel master did a fine job guessing the potential looks of the Audi RS 5 Avant design based on spies of the A5 and S5 series. As always, there are also a lot of color options for the exterior – and they even shared a glimpse of the cockpit. So, what do you think? Will Audi dare to trespass into mid-size territory with such a powerful RS 5? Or are they simply going to try and give the G81 BMW M3 Touring a great run for its Bavarian money?



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