10 New Electric Bicycles that Use Latest Smart Inventions of the Industry

The very first ebike was engineered more than a hundred years ago, and there is no surprise, since the idea of combining a bicycle with an electric motor seems rather obvious, isn’t... Read more »

Top 10 Fastest Electric Bicycles with Motorbike Speeds (2018 Prices and Specifications)

What is the fastest you can pedal on a bicycle? We would say around 25 miles per hour if you have a decent racing two wheeler and are in a good shape.... Read more »

11 Electric Bicycles with Folding Frames You Should Buy (Prices and Specifications Compared)

Taking a bicycle on a trip does not have to be inconvenient. To make our lives easier manufacturers came up with folding frame construction, that lets you transport your two wheelers without... Read more »

12 New Electric Bicycles with Fat Tires Perfect for City and Offroad Biking

It is hard to say what exact features of fat bicycles attract buyers, be it bad ass motorcycle look of fat tires, extra cushioning, off-road readiness or just the willingness of riders... Read more »

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