Making Music in Virtual Reality | ELECTRONAUTS LIVE!

When I want to relax but still make progress I generally start using sound loops and effects to create background music for my videos and to share with others. source Read more »

MMOne – 3 axis turning Virtual Reality Gaming Chair

MMOne project – (3 axis turning Virtual Reality Gaming Chair) source Read more »

5 Game Virtual Reality yang Bakal Mengguncang Dunia

Gang, beberapa pengamat teknologi memprediksi bahwa teknologi Virtual Reality (VR) akan menjadi sebuah fenomena di masa depan. Pengembangan … source Read more »

8:46 EMOTIONAL Educational Virtual Reality Experience 9/11/2001

Please keep comments positive!) I did not expect this demo to impact me so emotionally. I think I felt a bit like I was a guardian angel simply witnessing … source Read more »


Earn FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS ON TWITCH! Plus many other giveaways just by playing QuestMode! The Incon store … source Read more »

Oculus Rift – SCHOOL SIMULATOR? (Virtual Reality Games)

Oculus Rift games for you guys 🙂 can we hit 12000 likes? 😀 More Oculus videos: First Game – Pixel Rift Website: … source Read more »


Pake kacamata Virtual Reality OCULUS RIFT buat nonton horor Indonesia, SUPER SEREM ! ! ey yo wazap troopz, akhirnya gw cobain lagi nih oculus RIFT buat nonton film 360 derajat paling serem…... Read more »

Cyberith Virtualizer + Oculus Rift + Virtual Reality Games Compilation

Watch the Virtualizer being used to play games like Crysis 3, World of Warcraft, Outlast, Affected and others in combination with an Oculus Rift. This video is a game reel, longer versions…... Read more »

Oculus TF2! Virtual Reality Gaming! First Person Disorientation. Oculus Rift Gameplay.

ITS LIKE IM INSIDE THE GAME? I was using an oculus rift DK2 for anyone curious. Good fun, would recommend. ▻▻▻Want to join the Steamgroup?:◅◅◅ Twitch Stream:… source Read more »

Oculus Rift – BE INSIDE FAMILY GUY! (Virtual Reality Games)

BE INSIDE FAMILY GUY w/ THE OCULUS RIFT :O It would be awesome if we could hit 6000 likes! More Oculus Videos: Family Guy House:… source Read more »