TF2 IN VIRTUAL REALITY! Gaming With HTC Vive, First Person Rancho Relaxo

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IGN Game Reviews

The video is a joke, we love Battlefield, we love L4D2, TF2, Bulletstorm, and we kinda like Call of Duty. The reason we made this video its because if you watch a... Read more »

I BROKE HIS JAW | Surgeon Simulator VR #5 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

I broke Bob’s Jaw-I MEAN!…. fixed him! Yes that’s right I am best surgeon! Eye Surgery ▻ ▻Twitter … source Read more »

Oculus TF2! Virtual Reality Gaming! First Person Disorientation. Oculus Rift Gameplay.

ITS LIKE IM INSIDE THE GAME? I was using an oculus rift DK2 for anyone curious. Good fun, would recommend. ▻▻▻Want to join the Steamgroup?:◅◅◅ Twitch Stream:… source Read more »