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  1. I was watching Let and Let Die in the theater and when JB placed the CO2 cartridge in Kananga's mouth and he exploded, A little kid hollered out, "Man, blew his ass up!"

  2. The shooting of a "grappling hook" thing really gets me in a lot of the movies, even modern-day ones like Batman Dark Knight. While there are some that are kind of decent, the reality is that you can't shoot one 200 feet and have it lodge into the side of a building or rock with enough force to hold one or more people zipping down it. Gets rather old after decades.

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  4. I think the phone at 11:02 is my favorite; breaks pretty much any kind of lock you might come across – including fingerprint recognition somehow – and acts as a remote control for a kickass spy car with rockets, caltrops, auto reinflating tires, and razorwire saw-cutters. Best phone/tool/car ever.

  5. Lol this fucking video. The shot switches from a device to the same device from another angle


  6. as you get closer to present day, you get more lasers and communications gear in very small packages. And of course there were the cars! Maybe they'll make one that'll fly! Why not? They already have rockets and machine guns……

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