Top 10 Coolest Spider-Man Gadgets

Top 10 Coolest Spider-Man Gadgets Subscribe To Top 10 Nerd: Spider-Man is probably Marvel’s most lucrative hero ever, and he’s certainly …


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  1. I'm familiar with all of Spidey's invention, due to reading his comics, with the exception of Cryo Cubes. Never saw and heard about that before.

  2. i always prefers the organic webs because with out it he's not spider man he's just a climbing man who use wed shooters

  3. I wish Spider-Man upgraded his web-shooters to create its own web by absorbing elements in the air and reconfiguring it to form webbing. That way, he can have an endless supply of web depending on the power source.

  4. Is it the other way around? The Big Time suit glows green, allowing Spider-Man to become invisible and glows red to withstand supersonic sounds and attacks. Plus, there is a blue mode where the Big Time suit remains neutral and has both the stealth and sonic effects off.

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