Top 10 Unusual Electric Cars and SUVs That You Must See

Very often electric cars are being criticized for simply being different and unorthodox in their designs, people complaint that they look too futuristic or too simple, too weird or too bland, but we are convinced that since these cars are totally reinventing our automotive world in a better way, they have all the rights to experiment with looks. And to support this opinion we created this video of the most unordinary electric cars that you must see!

List of cool electric vehicles that were featured in this video:

Nissan Bladeglider:

Morgan EV3:

B1 by Bollinger Motors:

Amber One:

Toyota Сoncept-I:

TORQ Roadster:

The Zero from Nicola:

Sion from Sono Motors:

The SOLO by Electra Meccanica:

Renault Zoe Sport:


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  1. do you people understand what is car mean to you and value of it work how is the price of car so H i mean EV . my THEORY should be below YEN 250000

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