10 All-New Electric Cars that Want to be Better than Tesla (2018 Debuts)

Have you missed the new releases of electric cars? Well, your wait is over, because we have a whole lineup of the latest all-new EVs that came out fresh of the fast growing electric oven.

Get excited to witness the fastest accelerating automobile of all time from Rimac, beautiful and practical SUV from Jaguar, affordable crossover from Hyundai and many more purely electric, zero-emission newcomers! If you live and breathe electric cars, stay with us a little longer and we will bring you up to speed with the latest news!

Cars featured in this video:

Rimac Concept Two: rimac-automobili.com/en

This Croatian company has already made a name for itself after its first production model Concept One joined the speed race among EVs and challenged many internal combustion cars. However, if the One was insanely fast and powerful, the next generation Concept 2 is a whole new level of crazy

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: porsche.com/usa/aboutporsche/e-performance/mission-e-cross-turismo

The first all-electric Porsche car to go on sale in 2019 will be the Mission E sports sedan, however this manufacturer has already presented the next step of their electrification strategy, which is a youth-oriented Mission E Cross Turismo CUV

Jaguar i-Pace: jaguar.com/jaguar-range/i-pace/index.html

It is official, Jaguar has presented its first all-electric automobile and it is the long awaited crossover SUV I-Pace. This EV gets two electric motors one per axel with combined output of 400 horses.

Hyundai Kona Electric: hyundai.news/eu/press-kits/all-new-hyundai-kona-electric-a-car-of-no-compromise

Kona is a great compact crossover SUV that recently was electrified by the manufacturer. In addition to the already great package, this EV received technical specifications that will enable it to compete with other more known electric cars on the market.

I.D. VIZZION Electric: vw.com

Just recently this German manufacturer unveiled the latest concept car that will be one of the ground blocks of its new generation of production electric cars coming in 2020.

Cupra e-Racer: seat-mediacenter.com/newspage/allnews/motorshow/20180/World-Premiere-of-the-CUPRA-e-Racer-the-first-100-electric-racing-touring-car-in-the-world.html#

The newly formed independent SEAT division Cupra were not enough for you, the brand has yet another surprise for the 2018. In front of you is the first ever electric touring car Cupra e-Racer.

Techrules Ren RS: techrules-news.com

The Chinese company Techrules has presented the final production design of their hybrid supercar Ren RS.

Audi e-Tron: audi.com/en/innovation/futuredrive/e-tron_quattro.html

The final stage prototype of one of the most anticipated electric cars of 2018 Audi eTron has been revealed to the world indicating that we should expect the official release to the market by the end of the year.

Aspark Owl: www.aspark.co.jp/ev/page/about_eng.html

Aspark Owl was first presented in 2017 at the Frankfurt Autoshow, but if at that moment all we could witness was a car standing on the podium, this year it looks like a ready model.

Kia Niro: kianewscenter.com/news/all/-boundless-for-all—kia-presents-vision-for-future-mobility-at-ces-2018/s/8efb1969-2321-4709-be60-013cc0b3ff1a

Kia is going full on in the development of their electrified and autonomous vehicles. By 2025 they are planning to bring 16 hybrid, EV and fuel cell cars to the market. The best evidence for this approach is the latest Niro EV concept that was presented at the CES 2018.


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  2. The Kona is smaller than my Ioniq. I was hoping Hyundai would come out with a Model X competitor, not a Bolt competitor.

  3. I want to reach Winnipeg from here ,actually about 800 miles. That would be to NYC in four days,2,700 miles. The NewYork State Thruway can't be done really fast without getting speed fines.

  4. How could you say that a concept car has a better battery than actual EVs that are produced now? By 2025, 111kWh battery will be laughable. Tesla already has 100kWh battery option since 2016. Imagine what they will have to offer in 2025 with their gigafactories running at full capacity

  5. Lets hope for LOTS of wind and windmills. .Then there's the wornout battery problem.Need to be able to 700 miles per day and fully recharge in eight hours.

  6. well, I dont understand why any of these cars has to be better than Tesla. They all just have to be good electric cars, simple as that. The EV market is so empty that any decent model will be a hit. Cool lineup, though! Thumbs up

  7. It's official, Rimac Concept Two is here! The car that we have all been waiting for and now it seems that Tesla Roadster will have some tough competition after all. But the new Rimac is not the only new EV that the year of 2018 has given us. Here are 9 more cars that you might have missed. You can pick your favorites now and share them with the community.

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