The Amazing Spider-Man Game Review – IGN Video Review

Spidey’s back, but should you care? IGN reviews The Amazing Spider-Man. Head over to IGN for more Amazing Spider-Man: Subscribe…


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  1. Even with the new spiderman game that copy batman arkham style, marvel still can't make an awesome game…
    Well I think you marvel can't beat BATMAN Arkham Trilogy though ???

  2. GREG MILLER WHATS WRONG WITH U!?!?! I'D GIVE THIS GAME A 8.5/10……..btw the combat in this game is much more fun to look and creative than Rocksteady. It's much better than watching bare-knuckle brawling and gadgets!

  3. God I remember 5 or 6 years ago, I just watched TASM movie and I absolutelly loved it,and then I saw this game,God I was crazy about it,I was watching a walkthrough so I thought games name was TASM walktrough xD, I was crazy about it and begged my parents to buy it to me,and one day my uncle bought it to me, omg I was the happiest boy in the world,and here we are now, I beated it about 4-5 times, played 120 hours the game that can be beaten in 5 hours….so u can see how much I loved it, and I love it to this date 🙂

  4. This Game Was Garbage Like Seriously Cross Species Like The Most Lame Story Ever The Game Barely Has Anything In Common With The Movie And Who The Heck Got The Idea Of How To Make The Suits They Are TERRIBLE!

  5. What do you mean the only problem with this game is the way it ends defeating all crime in the city and having nothing to do but besides that the game is amazing

  6. why is web slinging a +, they stick to nothing unless that theory of it going outerspace and touching other planets is true… it's not

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