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Crypto Invest Summit

Bitcoin Futures Markets See a Big Uptick in Trade Volume


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  1. This continues to be the best source or non-bias information on major movement in the crypto space. Thank you.

  2. ? fingers crossedKeep up the great work. A strong crypto community is what makes crypto great. 0x3533931958212D2DBbB8f7aFE4aedD426A286F13

  3. Thank you so much for the giveaway. This gives me faith in the community. Keep up the good work!


  4. Recently is being alleged to have committed fraud by giving false information to the public if thats true its so sad people are desperate to spread negativity propaganda

  5. Some really good news in this episodes…looking forward to hearing what the big LCC news is and looking forward to seeing what you are working on! 0xbd456fbbf122be983db928ed159e459d577fa978

  6. C Somniac crossover here – Finally caught up on your vids to current (@2X per Snehtoshi!) Good work, quick and to the point interviews, dumbed down for the masses. Notoriety is bad – coming from root word NOTORIOUS – not ONT worthy maybe? Substitute noteworthy? Not critical, just a catch. Do me some scrip? 0x12D1B15C8df67684eFc667D551C70878456beD27

  7. Much obliged for another extraordinary honest to goodness supposition about the market circumstance at the present time looking forward for additionally fascinating updates
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  8. Some giants like Tim Draper sees bright future in bitcoin and some giants like Warren Buffet oppose it I for one support it

  9. zoin is very good atm they had a big anouncement and al zoin holders wil receive NIX coins and that wil be the new future of the privacy coins its the best one in my eyes they are the gateway to the tor network and got the technology that they allow every cryptocoin to use the privacy network so everything would be anoyomous in the crypto world this is really a game changer

  10. Thank you for being real and not creating any hype to create unrealistic prices when you release your own ico

  11. I agree with you on some bitcoin price prediction being over exaggerated and say of the realistic price of bitcoin

  12. Bitcoin to da Moon! 🙂 Love Price Predictions always puts a smile on my face.

    ETH: 0xC27baBae112536b1b577315E0F90A78424aDFE46

  13. nice to another video from you after a day's gap. i always wait to see what you are coming up with each day. 0x3F4771efccC3D97037feFD019f983e28fd9b9BC3

  14. it is hard to predict the future accurately in any field for instance. But it is never wrong in being optimistic and trusting your instincts and knowledge, i think! 0x3904eFB2cA16C736AeF50d86F36c76E8fFb1fF26

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