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  1. Were you paid to review this…? I only ask because otherwise people have been saying it's the worst game ever made… Heavily suspicious that you sound so positive. My recommendation to everyone is to do a little further research before you rush to buy it.

  2. I'm still having my doubts about buying this, I'm reading a lot of negative reviews, somebody help meeee!!

  3. Call me edgy, but some bones and fleshy walls aren't really that fucked up, we've seen this type of shit in games before.
    Some blood? woooah spooky.

    looks like a bunch of corridors with some emaciated / Frankenstein ripoffs ready to jump scare you.

    where's the sense of scale? big open views with seemingly thousands of miles of burning flesh mountains?
    Just killing an enemy is one thing, wheres the dudes with cut off dicks? people with there faces cut off gargling blood?

  4. A great game but needs tons of polishing, some obvious bugs and rough edges in game play feels like a beta version. If fixed in updates it'll probably be one of my all time favorites

  5. Game isn't scary or disturbing to me. I do have a pretty dark mind though so it's probably nothing my mind hasn't already subjected me to.

  6. Man… I'm a little disappointed , I've only played the first 30 mins and I think the level designs are pretty bad, confusing and frustrating. Also the gameplay seems cheap and unoriginal, also the graphics seem really lowered down since even the first gameplay in 2016. I'm gonna keep playing tho and hopefully it gets better…just seems like an unfinished game overall so far and it's only been 30 mins ? also the technical problems with the screen tearing… best thing I can say so far is the atmosphere is pretty decent in the game. That's it. There should be a patch to at least fix the technical problems soon for for consoles. I get that it's a small indie studio but calm on. I can't agree with this at all sorry

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