Daily: Crypto Rally!! Italy / Korea / China. EOS token registration

Crypto Rallies today on positive news from Italy, Korea, and China. Vechain’s Sunny Lu is a panelist and judge at a government-hosted blockchain event. EOS token registration and mainnet launch discussion.
1:11 Market Recap
2:52 Fake Exchange Volumes?
4:09 European Uncertain leads to crypto rise”
4:49 South Korea to Legalise domestic ICOs
5:45 China’s President endorses Blockchain
6:43 Vechain’s Sunny Lu presents and judges at Government Conference
7:43 EOS Token Registration and mainnet discussion

Xi’s Speech: http://www.xinhuanet.com/politics/2018-05/28/c_1122901308.htm

CZ: Tweet on exchange volumes: https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1001719983934787585

Italy pushing up bitcoin prices: http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-crypto-making-comeback-italy-political-crisis-mounts-2018-5

Sunny Lu’s keynote: https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-ceo-sunny-lu-presents-as-a-keynote-and-serves-as-a-judge-at-the-2018-china-international-406cb1103ea3

EOS registration instructions: https://eos.io/instructions

Ethereum gas station: https://ethgasstation.info/

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  1. could you try covering mochimo? it's just started beta mining. Mochimo~ it's quantum proofed vs. promising to be, has solved blockchain scaling, and the consensus mechanism uses….haikus! it's at 150haikus per second!

  2. We know Alexa, it was fun searching websites and checking which ones are the most popular in your country etc..
    But after 2009 Amazon ruined it, now it's some analytics tool only for website owners and companies. It costs hundreds of dollar/month and a simple user can't go and check simple traffic data. Fucking amazon -.-

  3. Hi hope your having a good day just wondering what ur thoughts are on the ico contract vault any info would be much appreciated maybe a quick vid if you have the time many thanks

  4. I love how you divided the whole video in topics! I just went to video description and went through the topics redundant to me and chose the one which was relevant! wish other youtubers can follow this simple convenience in their long discussions 😀

  5. Everyone wants decentralized.. But they want to control it.. Lol.. Everyone needs to Buy the dip.. And HODL.. That's how you get DECENTRALIZED.. Take as much as you can while it's cheap… And don't give it back to the manipulators.. Lol

  6. Have you ever heard about PonziTrust game? You’ll get much more by getting shared with referral link and obtaining from those who passed through 10%. To get to know more about it, write me on gerra.alin@gmail.com.

  7. Michael! Please look into 0chain. It's a decentralized cloud, with a great team. The community was talking about YouTubers in the telegram and your name came up. Would love to see you do an interview with this project! @Atif0chain is the co-founder Atifs telegram name. I'm sure he would be willing to spend some time talking with you. Take care.

  8. I think the entire eos landscape is so messy I doubt it as a legitimate platform over Ethereum. They're going to have to really rock our world's here in the next few years if they're going to be as successful as they think they will be.

  9. What is the best… Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager ???

    Is there a list of CPMs out there somewhere ?

    Has anyone tried… M y C r y p t o . L i v e

  10. Great video , Banca (BANCA) AI coin launch tomorrow and Exchange listing any week now ,it's going to moon like crazy stack Banca while it's still cheap.

  11. You “might” not get the airdrops if you leave your EOS tokens on an Exchange. It’s up to them. Store your own and register your ETH wallet.
    Everipedia drops on day 1 apparently.

  12. I ve already registered my eos longtime ago. Uou get a private key for eos, after the snapshot, you enter your eos private key in their wallet and retrieve your new tokens…

  13. I just bought a ledger nano S. it needed updating so I’ve followed the instructions but nothing’s happening with the wallet it just says update and has done for the past half hour. Help please? (Sorry if off topic but not sure what else to do)

  14. Michael the situation here in Italy is very bad..
    There is a lot of confusion, fake and real news are mixed togheter in a sort of politician mud.
    What I can tell you is that, we have been screwed it up by Brussels, banks and other rating agency – business and speculation with our butt… After all, buy the DIP…
    We didn't vote to leave Euro! We voted for a better future, less burocracy and a better position in Europe, but apparently this is not what they want for us.

  15. do you think now that EOS main net will be launched, it can actually overtake Ethereum in the smart contracts and dapps battle?

  16. Really enjoy your informative posts .. esp for Gaming Cryptos which i think will gain adoption sooner ..ENJ, WAX, ELA – Support lots gaming, Bit.Game in ICO, TNC – Off chain processing for games

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