The Future of Virtual Reality: Crash Course Games #21

Today, we’re going to take a look at a seemingly cutting-edge technology that has actually been around for decades – virtual reality. Virtual reality devices have …


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  1. If wearing a brick on tour face to play a game was ever gonna be a thing it would have been a thing by now. It's not. Let's just move on.

  2. Downvote. This video has little/nothing to do with the future of VR. It's a crash course in the history of VR. Literally the opposite of what's advertised.

  3. I'd like you to talk about vr tech as seen in anime series swordartonline and the possibilities of artificial sensory input.

  4. I for one am very excited about VR. It does bring about challenges however, like motion sickness and the baffling aspect of controling your feet with a joystick, your hands with buttons, and the lack of tactile feed back from your environnement.
    I hope that they figure out a way to fix some of these issues, like requiring you to shuffle your feet and knees to move at faster speeds, the integration of motion controls and hand 3d captures and translation into the game world, as well as some way to for directional motion to not make you barf.

  5. An easy way to have a player move around is to put them on a vehicle. This way they can traverse the world while also having a realistic reason why they don't keep walking. That, or things like JRPG battle grounds wherein the map and battle map are separate things. As such, you'd battle in the room, but move via your device.

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