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  1. Sorry for the late upload, i finished editing this vid about an hour ago so i thought i'd upload it before i finally go get some sleep ?
    Next we'll have the first episode of Hidden Gems, a brand new series where i show you guys some free or super cheap alternatives to the most popular games out there! ??

  2. The only low point of the game is the possesion of the larger demons… Hope they fix this in the next patch. As the guy said, the game is beautiful and the Devs din't lie about any aspect of the game. Cheers!

  3. I guess it's not all dark (like most other survival horrors nowadays.) but GOD, it looks so dull man. Everything seems to be red.

  4. You said no more fifa, although you should try the new world cup mode. THE HYPE IS BACK and its amazing

  5. man I still miss your gk reviews. pls do neuer world cup review .
    honestly I know you don't enjoy playing FIFA and I am not saying don't do these game reviews just don't quit FIFA full time
    overall it all depends what the YouTube audience like and we all liked your FIFA content.

  6. I am going to unsubscribe as I wanted to see your FIFA revievews, and not your vlogs and game reviews. Who even changes their type of content; nobody because it is weird and not ok for the people who have subscribed because you did not inform us earlier. The game reviews are however good but I did not subscribe to see that and your vlogs are honestly boring AF…. Sorry bro but I'm sure that others will still subscribe. You should at least make a video where you explain your reasons and what you have in mind for the future.

  7. Great to see you explore other games other than FIFA bro to be honest fifa has gone to shit i haven't played since january it's just not enjoyable would be cool to see you try out fortnite or h1z1 or even pubg and give us your opinion on battle royale games

  8. I'll f**** rate I'll f**** wait for f**** Resident Evil 2 remake God damn and I know that's going to take another lifetime but I'd rather wait for that then you're f**** stupid s*** I had f**** high expectations for you

  9. F**** producers of Agony do f**** something about your f**** game on Xbox one otherwise you're going to lose all your f**** customers I'm going to f**** boy call you I've been waiting for this game for 2 and 1/2 f**** years I thought it was a f**** awesome and now your game is a piece of s*** glitchy as s*** and you haven't released the patch or anything what the f*** is wrong with you I'm going to sell your s*** in the next 3 days unless something happens and we are boycotting you

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