What Are Mini Sites?

Mini sites are very small websites, and only contain one or a few webpages. These are highly targeted pages that focus only on one product and are optimized for only one or two keywords.

These websites are very effective in getting your customers to make a purchase, simply because they are focused on only one product. Every piece of content on a mini site is to describe the product, and convince the visitor to make a purchase.

These websites do not give the potential customer a list of products to choose from. Many choices can often deter the customer from making a purchase, as they are not sure which one to buy. Therefore if you only give them one choice, they do not have to decide between products, and are more likely to make a purchase.

Mini sites only give you one or two pages to optimize for a certain keyword, therefore it is very important that you make the most out of every opportunity to plant your keyword or keyword phrase.

Your main keyword should always be in your title tag, as well as in your meta description and keyword tags. You should also make a point to place the keyword at the beginning and throughout your page content. The keywords at the beginning of your content are more valuable to the search engines, than those that are placed towards the end of the content. You can also bold the keywords the first time they appear on your website.

Mini sites are very easy and inexpensive to create, and easy to maintain as well. They are perfect for the new internet marketer simply because they are so easy to create and maintain. Because you only have a few pages you do not have to worry about creating a navigation bar where you link hundreds of pages together.

Plus, you only need to create one page, and then after that you can focus on marketing, instead of creating more content. New internet marketers often spend a whole year just creating their content before they can begin to effectively market their website. This is one of the reasons why it takes so many so long to earn a full time income online, because if you do not have a significant amount of traffic coming to your website, then you will simply not make any money.

Of course you will naturally want to create more sites, because the more you create, the more money you can make. But with each mini site that you create, you need to build a number of back links in order for the search engines to pick it up and send you highly targeted traffic.

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